Top Items You Need For Middle School

As a parent with a kid that is just entering middle school, you want to ensure that they have all the essential items and tools that they require to succeed. The last thing any parent wants is for their child to be ill-equipped for the next stage in their education.

While it might sound like a breeze when shopping for your child’s middle school essentials, it is quite a tedious process, that is, if you don’t have a list. Below we’ve compiled the top items that any kid needs for middle school.

Let’s check them out.

  1. Pencils and Eraser

Pencils are a crucial part of kid’s study materials and items. Other items that should accompany the pencils include a sharpener and an eraser. Choose high-quality pencils that do not break easily and those that provide vivid writing.

  1. Calculator

A scientific or TI calculator is a must for a middle school kid. However, every school will have their recommendations so it is a good idea to know the requirements of the school before shopping for one.

  1. Planner

Kids will have a lot to do in Middle School from attending lessons to music practice to games. It can sound a bit difficult to remember all the dates, schedules and times for various activities. A good way to keep tabs on all of this is by using a planner. The kid can take it with them wherever they go. It can also help them create a to-do list.

  1. Shelf for lockers

Most lockers are slender and will not feature shelves. Because of this, your kid’s items may become disorganized. This makes it more time consuming when searching for the items that they require for their lessons. A shelf for the locker will add another level of compartments making it much easier to organize books and other study materials.

Make sure that that you understand the dimensions of the lockers at your kid’s school before you head out shopping for a shelf. This will allow you to pick the right size shelf.

  1. Combination lock

Another highly essential item to have is a combination lock. The best of these will allow the kid to reset the combination in case he or she feels that it is no longer secure. The downside of such locks is that your kid many forget the combination. However, you can opt for one that requires letters instead of numbers as these are much easier to recall.

  1. Cell phone

Some schools allow for cell phones while others do not. Therefore, it is crucial that before you decide to get your kid a cell phone, check the rules and regulations of the school. That said, cell phones can be highly beneficial as the kid can call in case of an emergency, or inform the parent when its time to go home and they need to be picked.

  1. USB Flash Drive

More and more schools are encouraging the use of flash drives. This is a small device that is used to store computer files. The kid can download and carry study materials which they can use back home. It makes it simple to use content in different computers. Check the rules as well as the requirements at the school and find out if your child requires a flash drive.

  1. Watch

Your kid will have to juggle different classes and schedules in middle school. It is therefore important that they learn how to plan their time. A watch can help kids stay in tune with their lessons and schedules. When shopping for a watch for your kid, make sure it is durable, comfortable to wear and simple to use.

  1. Backpack

There is no denying the importance of proper middle school backpacks for your kids. It should be made from strong and durable material. Also, ensure that it has reflective material, which will allow motorists to see the child when walking in the dark.

Secondly, the backpack needs to be comfortable to use. Choose one with thick padded straps as well as a padded back to reduce the pressure from the weight. Also, it is important for your child’s backpack to have many compartments. This helps to organize school materials and items as well as distribute the weight evenly.

Lastly, a backpack with torso belts can help reduce the pressure on the shoulders.

  1. Small pouch

If you have a daughter in middle school who just reached puberty, chances are they will begin to experience menstruation. Whether you decide to take them to a girls’ school or not, a small pouch is a simple and convenient way for her to carry here hygiene essentials discreetly. She can stash the small pouch in the backpack and access it when required.

  1. Wallet

Many schools provide students with identity cards. A good place to store it and ensure easy access when required is a wallet. Furthermore, this is the time your kid needs to learn more about being responsible for cash. When you provide money for lunch and other essentials, a wallet is a great way to carry it.

  1. Alarm

This is also a time when the kid needs to learn how to be responsible for his or her own time. An alarm clock is a good way to ensure that they always wake up on time to go to school. As a parent, you can also reward them for getting up early. In this way, you teach the kid that waking up on time is something to be emulated and to be proud of.

  1. 30cm ruler

There are plenty of scenarios when the kid will need to use a ruler. When shopping for the right type of ruler, choose one made from flexible plastic or rubber. Avoid rulers that can break easily as these will not last long.

Final thoughts

These are just some of the most important items that your child will require in middle school. Other items that you may need to consider include pens, highlighters, markers, small scissors, tape and lunch box. The most important thing is to ensure that your kid has everything that they need to make the most of their studies in middle school.

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