Are you reluctant to sign up for a full-time beauty therapy course because you have work or family commitments? If you have been putting off studying beauty therapy because you can’t afford to do it on a full-time basis, then studying beauty therapy part-time might be an option for you.

  1. Earn and study at the same time
    The main advantage of studying part-time is that you can continue to work, and earn an income, and study at the same time. Many people who want to study after they have been working for some time find it impossible or difficult to give up work completely.

    You may have bills to pay and simply not be able to afford to stop work completely. Some people choose to work fewer hours, and then study part-time. This enables them to continue to earn an income, although it will be less than what they were used to, and at the same time study towards a new exciting beauty therapy career.

  1. Balance family commitments
    If you are a new mum or have young children, you may not want to leave them to study full-time. Often mums feel that they need to wait until their children start school so that they can study because of the requirements for a full-time course. Studying on a part-time basis may provide you with the opportunity to start studying sooner than you thought so that you can start working towards your goal of becoming a beauty therapist.
  1. Time-management
    Some research has found that employers may regard part-time studies as evidence of good time-management skills. Studying part-time while working or juggling family commitments is a balancing act, and does mean that you need to manage your time well, prioritise and show commitment to your studies. You can use this as evidence of skills that you have mastered when you are applying for jobs or needing to promote your capabilities.
  1. Flexibility
    Part-time beauty therapy courses may be held in the evenings or on Saturdays, which enable you to work during the week and attend courses after-hours. In some cases, they may be held on a specific day during the week, which may be suitable if you work evenings or mostly at the weekend, for example. Part-time courses allow for flexibility, which isn’t usually an option if you are engaged in full-time study.
  1. Self-improvement
    If you have wanted to become a beauty therapist for a while, but have put it off while you think of the challenges that you need to face before you can achieve your goal, studying part-time might help you get there. Studying while juggling other commitments is not easy, but you will feel such a sense of achievement when you reach your goal.


For more information about studying beauty therapy part-time, speak to the International School of Beauty Therapy, who also offer full-time beauty therapy courses and short beauty courses from their Perth college. To start following your dream to become a beauty therapist, visit their website today.


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