Perth Zoo Kids Yoga
This morning we joined in a Toddler Yoga class at Perth Zoo. These are new classes that will be starting soon and are aimed at ages 2.5 – 4 years. They would normally be held on the Oak Lawn but as it was drizzling this morning the class was held inside. Everything is provided, even coffee for mum.
Perth Zoo Toddler Yoga

As we arrived the children chose a mat to use. These were set up in a circle and each had a little soft toy and a scented pillow on. The class started with a little introduction to about Yoga and some basic stretching and breathing exercises.
Perth Zoo Toddler Yoga

The instructor, Michelle, then took the children on a make-believe drive to the zoo to see different animals. As they drove and saw different animals they did different poses. The parents were encouraged to join in if needed or let the children try on their own.
Perth Zoo Toddler Yoga

Then they were asked to free dance and freeze in a Yoga pose when the music stopped. Michelle would show them a yoga pose to copy. It was fun watching the kids attempt the different poses.
Perth Zoo Toddler Yoga

There were a few exercises that required the parents to join in and work together with their children to achieve a pose.
Perth Zoo Toddler Yoga
The class finished with some quiet time. Soothing music was played as the children laid on their backs with the scented pillows over their eyes. I was quite surprised how quiet and still my daughter stayed. I think a scented pillow is needed for home.
Perth Zoo Toddler Yoga

The class run for about 30 minutes which was just right. Some of the children were starting to lose focus at this stage. There were a couple tables set up to the side with colouring and activities that the children could do when the class finished.
The classes can be week by week or you can book a term. The cost is $12 and doesn’t include entry to the zoo. All information can be found here My daughter enjoyed the class and Michelle was really good with all the children. In this class most the parents helped the children at the beginning and by the end, most were comfortable trying by themselves.
After class finished we had a look around the zoo which was a great way to finish off the morning.
Perth Zoo Kids Yoga

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