When it comes to buying the perfect house and land package, one of your biggest priorities should be to choose the ideal location for you to live. Although the idea of the perfect suburb varies greatly from person to person, there are some crucial factors that you should consider before you buy land in any suburb.

Your lifestyle

Different suburbs suit different lifestyles, and if you want to feel most at home in your new house you should pick an area that will complement your priorities and way of life. If you’re single, or a young couple who enjoys being in the centre of everything that’s happening, regularly goes out for dinner or entertainment, and enjoys having quick access to public transport or walking to work, then living in the heart of the city or very close to it may suit you best. Alternatively, families may find quieter, leafy suburbs out of the city much more attractive. These suburbs are often more affordable, with good access to schools and parks, and have enough space for larger homes with gardens.

Your budget

Popular suburbs can be very expensive to move into, and even if they seem ideal at first it is just not worth buying something you cannot afford. With a bit of extra research you may find alternatives such as neighbouring suburbs or up and coming neighbourhoods which are much more affordable. If a certain suburb fits your requirements exactly but is still too expensive, you may have to consider downsizing to a smaller home or a different design to be able to afford living there.


We all want to feel safe in our homes and have peace of mind when our children play outside or travel to and from school. A low crime rate is an invaluable feature of a good suburb, but you also want to look for a quieter location with minimum traffic as another safety factor. If the suburb is surrounded by large or busy roads, consider housing estates that offer safety benefits such as fencing or parks and walkways which you can enjoy peacefully.

Travel times

When considering different suburbs, remember to also look at its proximity to your children’s schools, your workplace and the homes of your friends and family. If a suburb is located a bit further out, easy access to train stations and a good selection of bus routes can make travelling to and from work much more convenient.

Local amenities

A good selection of shops and services, a café and restaurant strip, local parks, and good schools all make up a desirable suburb. Depending on your priorities, you should look for a house in a location with amenities that make your life more convenient as well as add to your quality of life.

From trendy, urban locations, to established family-friendly blocks – no matter what you’re looking for in the perfect suburb, the team at Complete Homes will be able to assist you in buying your dream home in an ideal location. They have a large variety of beautiful house and land packages available in Perth. Each of their homes are beautifully designed and tailor made with quality materials, finishes and trimmings to perfectly suit any new home owner’s requirements. Their team of experienced craftspeople and consultants are committed to providing excellent customer service and expert advice throughout the building process and to each of their clients. Visit www.completehomes.com.au or call 131 808 for more information. 


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