A compressed mattress in a box makes it easy for homeowners to move their beds from one room to another. It’s also an ideal item to make sure you get comfortable during your travels. You can compress and decompress the mattress for camping trips and other vacation plans. Continue reading to know five benefits of using a compressed mattress in a box while travelling.

  1. Portability

Standard mattresses require you to place it in vehicles without folding the sleeping pad. Thus, travelling becomes a chore as you might wonder how to put the mattress in the vehicle. However, a compressed mattress in a box lets you inflate and deflate the fabric case. In doing so, you can put the mattress back in the box to make it a comfortable carry during travels.

Many manufacturers produce high-quality compressed mattresses. Therefore, you can compress and uncompress the mattress many times, and the fabric should retain its quality. The firmness, support, and comfort levels will remain as you enjoy a blissful rest while you’re on your trips.

For a quick look at what a compressed mattress in a box looks like, you can visit Eva Mattress today.


  1. One Mattress for All Surfaces

Hotels don’t give you the luxury of choosing a mattress for your bed. Instead, you may want to consult other lodgings. Perhaps you’d want to rent a room through Airbnb. The owner of the flat may have an extra bed surface, but it doesn’t have a mattress. At this point, you don’t have to worry because you can bring your mattress in a box for the travel.

A reliable mattress manufacturer makes sure its customers can enjoy their product whenever it’s needed. The fabric should fit surfaces like:

  • Solid platforms
  • Solid box foundations or springs
  • Bunk board on a traditional box springboard
  • Slatted base

You may even fit the mattress at the back of a pickup truck. In doing so, you can help bring an extra layer of comfort for those long camping or road trips.


  1. Keeping the Cool

Now, what if you spend the night at a friend or relative’s house? Perhaps you don’t like the mattress prepared for you in your room because it doesn’t have excellent breathability. Sleeping on it makes the environment feel stuffy. However, maybe you don’t want to disturb the man or lady of the house any further as their hospitality seems like it’s too much. Instead, you can pop out your compressed mattress in a box to give you that fresh, comforting sensation your body desires.

Many people have bodies acclimated to the mattresses found in their homes. Hence, if you try and sleep in another bed, your body won’t feel comfortable. Furthermore, the mattress you’re trying to sleep on may not have the right breathability.

Trustworthy mattress manufacturers help keep proper airflow with their products. The design of the mattress should produce the ideal ventilation to help ensure air flows in and out of the fabric properly. Also, the airflow can help reduce dust build-up, thereby letting you enjoy great comfort on a clean mattress.


  1. The Ideal Glamping Companion

Do you have a glamping trip coming up? Glamping is a coined term from two words: glamour and camping. Think of it as a high-end camping trip with more than the usual set of amenities.

However, specific glamping grounds will already have the amenities set for you. Again, you may not have the control to choose which mattress goes on your bed. If you have a mattress in a box, you can alleviate worries about the beds on your glamping trip.

After all, camping shouldn’t take away the comfort you need. Even if you’re trying to “rough it out” in the vast wilderness, you still need to gain an adequate amount of rest. Otherwise, you won’t have enough energy to enjoy the wildlife around you.


  1. Enjoy Your Travels

Not having enough rest while you’re on vacation can make the trip less enjoyable. Consider bringing a compressed mattress in a box during your travels to help ensure you stay comfortable when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. You don’t want to be weak while you’re on vacation simply because you didn’t get enough sleep.

Compressed mattresses in a box come in different sizes. Make sure you buy the mattress with the right size to fit your needs. For instance, if you’re travelling alone, you don’t want to lug a king-sized mattress with you. Instead, consider buying and using a single- or double-sized fabric for your trips.



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