If you’re considering building a two-storey home, here’s a design idea that may just turn your life upside down.

Upside-down living, also known as reverse or inverted living, flips convention on its head, putting the living and entertaining spaces on the upper level of the home with the bedrooms on the ground floor – and it’s a trend that’s on the up.

The concept is said to have originated in Australia as a clever way of taking advantage of the spectacular beach panoramas but it’s becoming increasingly popular in northern hemisphere countries like Sweden, Denmark, the UK and the USA.

There’s obviously more to upside-down living than meets the eye, so let’s unpack some of its advantages so you can see if the design suits your lifestyle.

Makes the most of the views

Many of us spend close on a third of our day in bed, but as our eyes are closed for most of that time, wouldn’t it be a good idea to rather enjoy the views from the spaces where we cook, eat, relax and entertain? Having the kitchen, living rooms and even a large balcony with a barbeque area on the top level is an innovative way of making the most of the view opportunities – and everyone gets to enjoy the outlook.

From sensational seascapes from the upper level of a two-storey home in Perth, golf course tranquillity, urban acreage or woodland vistas to alpine peaks in the Victorian highlands, there’s every reason to sit back and savour the views from the top level living spaces.


This inverted design suits many different site orientations including sloping blocks where entry to the home is onto the top level as well as narrow blocks.

Optimum sustainability

It’s well-known that a two-storey home has good ‘green’ credentials providing enhanced solar access, excellent opportunities for natural lighting for heating and cooling as well as welcome ventilation from the evening breezes.  The inverted configuration makes optimum use of these environmentally-friendly features and could even result in some savings when it comes to energy and power bills!

Floorplan flexibility

Most families have changing accommodation needs – families expand, babies grow up, parents grow older and circumstances change. The upside-down design meets all the traditional accommodation requirements plus it has the flexibility to adapt to changing dynamics – such as separation between parents and teenagers, a ground-floor bedroom and living area for someone who may be ill, elderly or simply unable to climb stairs, separate accommodation for guests or independent young adults and so on.

It’s a modern, functional design that makes sense for many different reasons and if you’d like to find out more about how it could work for you, then Next Residential are the professionals to contact. They’re a leading builder of two-storey homes in Perth, including upside-down and rear-loaded designs and they have a reputation for delivering exceptional quality at surprising value. You can find them on 08 9200 1855 or by visiting their website, www.nextresidential.com.au where their extensive range of designs and packages is on display.


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