Stirling Tree Trail 2020


The Stirling Tree Trail 2020 is a great, free October school holidays event. A mix of art, outdoor activities and exercise, it’s a fun event for the whole family.

This years Tree Trail, hosted by City of Stirling, is based at Dianella Open Space. The tree trail circuit is 1.9km with 25 markers along the way, and should take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes to walk. The pathways are a mixture of hard packed gravel, concrete paths and grass. Prams and strollers are perfect for babies and toddlers, and bigger kids will love riding their bikes and scooters.

The event is a celebration of trees and all they do for us. Along the way your family will learn interesting facts. For example about how trees help animals and birds live, how some trees live in family groups and more.

There’s also lots of art scattered along the way to discover. The trail has been yarn bombed with brightly coloured crochet designs created by Golden Wattle Hookers. Many of these look like moss or tree fungus, and some look like large mushrooms. We found these colourful artworks help mark the pathways to follow, so it’s hard to get lost.

It’s also wildflower season at the moment, so keep an eye out for real flowers alongside the trail.

Further along, keep an eye out for the marri blood tree, a grub worm, birds in the trees and more. For example, we spotted a nesting box with a family of galahs, and cute colourful wire quendas.

Miss 6 raced on ahead and discovered a tiny fairy village. Here there is an activity hosted by Eco Faeries. Write a special message for the trees in tree language. There’s a code to work from and notes provided, and then a special mailbox to find later on down the trail.

Adjacent to the fairies, Miss 6 was able to measure herself in grass tree years. She was 127 years old. Who knew they live so long?!

In addition to the Eco Faeries, we met the lovely ladies from Bindi Bindi Dreaming at the Dianella Open Space playground where they’re hosting craft activities and offering a taste of indigenous food. The crafts change daily. During our visit, Miss 6 painted a message stick with different dot tools. She also painted a paper plate with a story. But there may be wool crafts and other painting activities coming up.

During this time, we stopped for a play break. Dianella Regional Open Space has a great nature play area, in addition to traditional play equipment and swings. It’s also a good spot to stop for a snack break or to use the toilet.

It was during this time we discovered the mailbox for our tree message. This is adjacent to the Message Tree, a huge tree decorated all around with messages for the trees.

Continuing on, we came to a listening activity hosted by aMoment, a performance artist. Stop for a moment and practise some mindfulness. Breathe deeply, take in the quiet atmosphere of the park and listen to the birds, leaves and wind. Miss 6 says this is her favourite part. Pop on some headphones and listen to recordings of bird song or the wind rustling through leaves. Kids will enjoy the listening activity using pieces of pipe, tubing and stethoscopes. Use these to listen to the trees or to listen to leaves and bark.

Moving on, we came to the Cockatoo Canteen and the Habitat Tree. The Habitat Tree has a giant face made from natural materials. It provides an example of how trees are homes to all kinds of animals, insects and birds. There are also suggestions on what to use to create your own bug hotel at home.

The end of the Stirling Tree Trial came as we reached the dog park. We wandered back through the car park and stopped at the ice cream van, Soft Serve White Cruiser, for a well earned treat. This and Split Bean coffee van are available daily from 9am to 12pm.

To ensure that you have enough time to complete all the free activities before they finish at 12.15pm, it is recommended you start off you walk between 9am and 10.30am.

Be sure to pack sunscreen, hats, water bottles and wear closed in shoes. Maybe bring a pen too to complete your message for the trees. Miss 6 did get swooped by a magpie at one stage along the way. So there’s another good reason for hats or bike helmets. If you have this happen, try to keep calm and keep moving.

While Stirling Tree Trail 2020 is designed for children aged 4 to 11, I’m sure all ages will get something out of it. It’s a great way to get exercise and experience nature, and still be close to the city. Miss 6 enjoyed the experience so much she has already asked to go again. She especially wants to try more activities with Bindi Bindi Dreaming and try the listening with aMoment again. Best of all, this event is free to visit. So you can go again and again. All it might cost you is money for an ice cream or a coffee. 😉


Stirling Tree Trail 2020

Located at Dianella Regional Open Space, Morley Drive, Dianella. The entrance is between Alexander Drive and Light Street, and marked for the Inglewood Little Athletics Centre, Oval 3 Carpark.

Stirling Tree Trail 2020 runs weekdays from Monday, 28 September until Friday, 9 October, from 8am to 6pm. The free children’s activities run between 9.30am and 12.15pm.

More infornation, a downloadable map of the event and COVID-19 safety planning information are available on the City of Stirling website.

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