Staircase to the Moon, Broome

Staircase to the Moon is something that everyone should witness at least once. It’s an incredible natural phenomenon where the full moon rises over Roebuck Bay on an extremely low tide – this causes the reflection of the Moon, across the flats, to create the illusion of a staircase leading up to the Moon.

The two most popular spots to view Staircase to the Moon is Town Beach and Mangrove Hotel. I was lucky enough to get to experience the phenomenon at both places on consecutive nights.

The first night we headed to Town Beach – each night of the Staircase to the Moon there is also a little night market on down here. The market was great with a variety of stalls of local produce and handmade products. There’s also a number of food trucks with lots of options for dinner – we chose wood fried pizzas but it was a hard decision as there was Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Mexican and more!

There was a fantastic family feel to the markets with lots of families out enjoying the warm evening, and eating dinner whilst listening to the live entertainment.

Staircase to the Moon, Broome
Courtesy of Broome Markets

With the Moon due to rise at 6:52pm that evening, we went and found our spot at about 6pm. There were lots of people around with the tripods set up facing out into the dark. We had no idea what to expect or exactly where to look – between the sun going down and the Moon rising it is a very dark sky. All of a sudden, across the horizon, we noticed a red glow. All of a sudden the Moon started rising in front of us! It seemed huge and glowed red. It moved quite quickly and almost felt as though it was being pulled up, and once it got high enough those reflections across the flats formed and the Staircase to Moon was visible – it was just amazing to see!

Staircase to the Moon, Broome

The next night we viewed the Staircase to the Moon from our hotel, The Mangrove Hotel. The beer garden is really outstanding with the most stunning views across Roebuck Bay. We had been on a tour during the day so we decided to combine a relaxing afternoon/ evening with securing our spot for Staircase to the Moon. We laid on the couches, sipping wine, reading our books and enjoying the view until the sun went down. By the time the sun had set it was a busy spot to be. Again there were lots of families out for dinner and, despite it being busy, kids had the room to move around.

Staircase to the Moon, Broome

Once it was almost time for the Moon to rise, everyone gathered along the railing to wait for that red glow to appear off the horizon. Once again it was spectacular!

Staircase to the Moon, Broome

Staircase to the Moon is a must-see phenomenon. It occurs a few times a month throughout the dry season with varying dates and times which can be found here.

Staircase to the Moon, Broome

I enjoyed the experience from both venues, both had a casual relaxed feel. One thing to note is that Town Beach got very dark, there were some lights at the market but it was still very dark. Most people simply used the torch on their phones to guide them where needed but it’s something to keep in mind if you have little kids.

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