Signing Hands - Baby & Toddler Signing Classes Perth

Signing Hands  run baby and toddler signing classes Perth. Signing Hands have designed it’s own programmes for babies, toddlers and Day Care centres using research based of 6 years of data collected from over 200 courses and more than 750 parents.

Signing Hands courses introduce parents and babies to genuine Auslan signs through stories, songs, rhymes and play. Learning a few basic signs can help you understand your baby’s needs more fully resulting in a much more contented baby and parent.

Baby signing can help you communicate with your baby from as early as 6 months, help reduce crying and tantrums and help develop early speech.

Buggybuddys member mum2isla has been attending Baby Signing classes for over a year and has written about her experience.

My daughter Isla and I have been attending Debbie’s Signing Hands classes for over a year now and it’s become such an important teaching tool, socialisation class, bonding experience, fun and games but most importantly a way for Isla and I to communicate, reducing crying, tantrums and frustration.

Signing Hands - Baby & Toddler Signing Classes Perth

I was firstly amazed at how quickly Isla picked up signs. In her first 6 months she was signing over 50 signs, compare that to a child who has not learned signing and imagine the difference! Isla was not only asking for ‘food’ but particular foods; banana, milk and apple were her favourites. If she was sore or had hurt herself, it was a simple sign that she was in fact sore and pointed where. She even started using the ‘sleep’ sign for when she was tired, ok so she didn’t use it often, playing is higher on the agenda than sleep, but it made such a difference to our relationship, I could understand her needs well before she could talk and even walk!

Signing Hands - Baby & Toddler Signing Classes Perth

Before Isla was 1 I was brought to tears the day she signed ‘I love You’, now at 2 she says it every day and every now and then sneaks the sign in to. Isla is now 23 months old and speaks up to 11-word sentences. I am not much of a talker myself so I know her advanced speech is 100% a reflection of learning signs and hearing the words over and over that correspond to the sign.

It’s hard sometimes to watch mothers struggle with their children, getting angry or frustrated that they can not understand why they are crying or what that toddler babble means, it’s a part of my relationship with my child I have never experienced and I want to tell these women, “try signing, trust me it helps!”.

I forever hear from parents, friends and strangers ‘wow your child is so clever” she’s no more clever than any other child, I have given her an opportunity to learn to communicate and express herself. Every child is gifted and special and with some effort at home, I believe every child can communicate like Isla.

Signing Hands - Baby & Toddler Signing Classes Perth

A Signing Hands course lasts for 8 weeks. The lessons are once a week and last for one hour. There are ‘Baby’, ‘Advanced baby’ & ‘Toddler’ courses available.


All parents are welcome to come along to a Signing Hands class to find out more about the lessons completely free of charge. This gives you the opportunity to experience a class and also to chat to other parents who are already signing with their children. Trial classes are available during all lessons except the first lesson in each new term.
Please contact Debbie if you would like to come along. 0437 803978

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