Royal Life Saving Australia

I attended a Royal Life Saving Australia 1 day course today. I first did a first aid course when my 8 year old daughter was a baby so I was long overdue.

This was a 1 day course and I went to the Mount Claremont venue (just behind HBF/Challenge Stadium), although Royal Life Saving Australia run them at their different premises around Perth.

Prior to going along to the course in person, you have about 13 units to complete on line first. These can be done over a number of days or weeks and the instructor said they can take 6-8 hours in total if you listen to them all in their entirety and are new to first aid.

Royal Life Saving Australia

As I had attended previous first aid courses, I was able to skip through a lot of the slides and it took me just over an hour and a half. I then printed out my certificate to take along and to show I had passed all the modules. Don’t be alarmed, you just go through the power point slides for each section and answer some multiple choice questions after each one so it was very straightforward and can be easily slotted in around family life or done in one sitting.
The course was scheduled from 8:30am to 5pm but ours finished at around 3pm in the end as we had 8 people in our group, when there can be up to about 20. Our trainer Kelly was great, she was a registered nurse and a really nice and engaging person so it didn’t ever get boring.
We went through basic life support, CPR, what to do with someone who has breathing difficulties or allergies, heart conditions, burns, trauma injuries, fractures, poisons, bites and stings, shock, wounds and bleeding, etc.

Royal Life Saving Australia

The training allowed us to practice real life examples on each other and really gave you the opportunity to actually do something rather than just reading. It was a great course and I would recommend it to any parent as my great fear is being faced with a medical emergency that I did not know how to deal with, and particularly when looking after my own or other peoples’ children.

Royal Life Saving Australia

The others on my course were mostly doing it for work reasons but I think it would be fantastic for as many parents as possible to do it. My children have friends who have allergies, asthma or need to carry EpiPens with them so I now have a lot more confidence on what to do if any of them had a reaction and also what to do in a situation where someone was choking, for example.
My overall verdict was highly recommended and so worth going along to.

• Aim to get there a bit early in case you are not familiar with the venue. I know the HBF stadium venue quite well but if you hadn’t been before, it might have been hard to find the Royal Life Saving building
• Start doing the online exercises maybe a week before if you are not familiar with first aid
• Wear comfy clothes – sports tights or leggings are ideal – as you do spend a bit of time lying on the floor pretending to be a victim or putting people in the recovery position, etc (wearing a skirt would probably not be the best, for example!)
• Bring your lunch along as they provide tea, coffee and biscuits but you need to buy your own food and there may not be somewhere on site

Royal Life Saving Australia

Note: They also run a 1 day course for children from 8-14 so they get to have an idea of how first aid works. I am looking at putting my 8 year old daughter into this in the next school holidays as I think it would be really useful and I think she would really enjoy it.

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Find more classes for adults in Perth


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