Rooftop Trapeze, HBF Stadium

Rooftop Trapeze is Perth’s only indoor flying trapeze facility. Located at HBF Stadium in Mt Claremont they offer classes for ages 5+ to adults.

We went along to Mini-Fly, a 90-minute class for ages 5 – 10 years.  The class introduces participants to the flying trapeze as well as circus activities like juggling and hula-hoops.  The class runs Tuesday 4pm to 5.30pm and costs $44 per session. No commitment is required.

Rooftop Trapeze, HBF Stadium

The class commences with all participants being fitted with a safety belt and a quick warm-up to loosen up the shoulder muscles.

Rooftop Trapeze, HBF Stadium

They then move on to ‘Take-off Training’ where the staff teaches the kids everything they need to know on the ground using a low level trapeze. They learn how to grip the bar, raise their legs over the bar, perform a knee-hang and return their hands to bar and descend.

Rooftop Trapeze, HBF Stadium

Rooftop Trapeze, HBF Stadium

The next step was to practice how to grab hold of the trapeze and launch off the platform.  After everything was perfected they were ready to do it for real!

Rooftop Trapeze, HBF Stadium

To access the trapeze your child is hooked in to a safety rope and they have to climb a very tall ladder.  Once you reach the launch platform they are then hooked into a safety harness which means when they let go of the trapeze their descent is controlled by a Rooftop Trapeze team member on the ground.

Rooftop Trapeze, HBF Stadium

Once they are all strapped in they are ready to fly and fly through the air they did! It was so impressive to watch my 8-year-old daughter swing, hang and back flip in the space of a 90-minute lesson! She absolutely loved it and it was amazing to see the gain in confidence by the end of the lesson!

In our session the class size meant that each child received 5 turns on the trapeze. During the wait between turns team members worked with them to perfect their moves or introduce them to some basic circus skills.

Rooftop Trapeze, HBF Stadium

Miss 6 didn’t want to take part in the session but was kept busy practicing her circus skills.  Members of the team were constantly on hand to show her how to balance the spinning plates or how to juggle. She had a great time and felt that she might be brave enough to try the trapeze next time.

Rooftop Trapeze, HBF Stadium

Rooftop Trapeze, HBF Stadium

The team at Rooftop Trapeze is super friendly and do a great job of instilling confidence in the participants.  Spectators are very welcome to come along and watch the session.  There are chairs and comfy beanbags for you to pull up a pew and enjoy the performance.

Rooftop Trapeze, HBF Stadium

Rooftop Trapeze also offers classes for teens and adults plus birthday parties too. Find out more by visiting

Rooftop Trapeze is located at Arena 2 HBF Stadium, 100 Stephenson Avenue, Mount Claremont.

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