Red Man Cucina, Bedford


Located in the leafy suburb of Bedford is Red Man Cucina, a local institution best known for it’s eye-catching Red Man statues and signage. This family-friendly cafe offers simple, tasty fare as well as entertainment kids will enjoy.

The first thing that grabbed our attention on arrival was the pop-culture references in the mural on the wall outside the serving window. We had fun spotting Astroboy, Pac Man and many others. Some that adults of my generation would know, whereas our kids may not.

Following a play at a nearby park, we ordered a vanilla milkshake for Miss 4.5, a medium (8oz) latte for me and a chocolate peanut brownie to share. The service was friendly and our order came out pretty quick. The milkshake came in a kids-sized cup. It was sweet and full of vanilla flavour, and the coffee was a very nice, smooth blend. The brownie had chunks of peanut and a soft, gooey texture. I enjoyed it, but Miss found it a bit sweet for her tastes – surprising for a kid who is normally a chocoholic!

Seating and ordering options are via the Hatch (coffee window) or by heading to the front door to the Games Room. Come prepare with cash as there is no EFTPOS available here.

The outdoor seating area has plenty of space to park a pram, although there are a couple of steps to navigate up. The seating is simple, wooden tables with bench seats and bar-style seating for people who prefer it, and its mostly shaded, depending on the time of day. We also spotted a large bowl of water out for visiting doggos. We loved that Red Man was also a dog-friendly cafe in this respect.

In this outside area, you can see the iconic Red Man statues that greet visitors and can be seen from the road. Miss 4.5 thought these were cool. Where they’re located, you could easily pose for a selfie if that’s your thing.

After Miss finished most of her milkshake, we headed inside to check out the games room. Inside, there are three pinball machines. Only one was running when we visited, but it was free, no coins required. Miss enjoyed setting it up and trying again and again to get a higher score. Bigger kids would probably enjoy it even more, having better coordination to hit the paddle buttons on the sides and keep the ball pinging around for longer. The two other machines in this area appear to be coin operated. Again, best to come prepared with a few gold coins.

In the centre of the games room, there was a vintage video game machine I remember well from my childhood. A stack of kids games and books is under the pinball machine. Miss 4.5 enjoyed these, too.

Around the walls are a number of vintage games machines that I would guess had their heyday in the 1950s. Games to win a KitKat or a toffee. These appear to be retired, but Miss 4.5 enjoyed seeing them and discussing how people would have once used them.

The menu at Red Man Cucina is simple and tasty. Breakfast @ The Hatch offers toast or a variety breakie rolls, including bacon and egg, baconless, the Redman (double everything!) or The Badman (double everything, minus salad!). After 10am, choose from a selection of toasties, paninis or salads. Alternatively, you can grab something sweeter. Try out the banana and walnut bread, pumpkin and blueberry bread, fruit and yoghurt, or one of their many delicious slices. Muffins are available fresh daily and all meals are made fresh to order.

Red Man Cucina, Bedford

Located at 116B Walter Road, Bedford, on the corner of Shaftsbury Avenue.

Red Man Cucina is open Monday 5.30am to Noon from The Hatch, Tuesday to Friday from 5.30am to 2pm from The Hatch and The Games Room, and Saturday from 6am to Noon from The Hatch and The Games Room.

Parking is available in bays along the street and at the rear of the cafe off Shaftsbury Avenue.

Why not combine your visit to Red Man Cucina with a visit to nearby Grand Promenade Reserve? You could always grab a takeaway coffee and snack. Then enjoy a play at this playground with equipment to suit a range of ages and space to exercise the family pooch. It’s less than 5 minutes drive or a short walk away.

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