Reading for Sure is the tutoring service you need if your child is struggling with reading and literacy.

Reading for Sure tutors don’t just offer more of the same but have a whole different approach which uses unique teaching tools in a friendly student-centred environment.

Reading for Sure

The highly trained tutors find the core of a child’s literacy difficulties and then move them forward through the developmental stages that are required for successful literacy.

Reading for Sure

They always teach in a one-to-one setting as this enables the tutor to use the student’s responses to tailor the program to each student and their individual needs. To find your closest tutor go to

Reading for Sure

The program has, for approximately 27 years, been able to give the gift of literacy to students who had tried many other programs and approaches without success. With Reading for Sure, students find the teaching method that finally gives them access to the wonders of the written word. Lynne, the head tutor, said that so many children come to them angry, upset and totally put off the idea of reading because they have found it so hard but after only one or two lessons they had huge smiles at the end of lessons as they could already see they were getting better at the reading process. “Watching these children find success and enjoy reading was the best job in the world,” she said.

Reading for Sure is able to take basic phonics and make it even easier because they use a series of diacritical marks, applied to the text, that makes English truly phonetic. This process takes away the stress and anxiety many students feel when they are confronted with the multiple ways a word can be spelt. They do not need to guess or remember a long list of words as they are able to sound sequence easily through every word. They can read it accurately and correctly the first time. The specially designed teaching texts strengthen neurological pathways in the brain further consolidating the reading process.

Fun teaching aids and games strengthen the student’s skills in all areas of literacy while making the lessons engaging and enjoyable.

The Reading for Sure program, using the Solomon Method of teaching, is able to improve the literacy of children as young as 3 or 4.

Again, using fun activities, they ensure that students learn the preliteracy skills of hearing and identifying the individual sounds in the word, narrative sequencing and a large variety of other preliteracy skills that build the foundations for excellent literacy outcomes.

The tutors then move students along so they learn the visual discrimination skills they will need to be able to recognise the letters, their associated sounds and how to blend these into words.

Many students come to Reading for Sure several years behind their age peers but with the Solomon Method’s intervention, they quickly learn the skills they missed in the early years and reduce the gap in their reading ability in no time at all. The special Reading for Sure teaching materials enable this rapid increase in reading acquisition. The student’s increased literacy levels mean they are able to take part in classroom activities at their true potential and increase their level of learning in all subjects.

Reading for Sure is definitely something different that makes a difference to all students who attend. To find out more contact Reading for Sure or attend one of their free information seminars.

There is a need for more tutors of this unique program. If you or someone you know are passionate about giving children the opportunity to become fully literate, no matter what their learning difficulties are, contact Lynne for information on training and micro-business opportunities.


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