Ravens Coffee, Denmark

We have often found ourselves passing through the divine town of Denmark en route to all the culinary offerings this amazing area serves up. This usually occurs during the “in between meal time” part of the day and with kids in tow, usually coincides with back seat shenanigans. However, these little irritability buds can quickly be nipped with a coffee/shake/snack break.

The defect with our road trip quick fix, is we’re a bit fussy when it comes to what we consume, which can get a little tricky when hunting down real whole foods. We’ve had some hit and miss success as far as quality coffee/shake/snack breaks go. Until recently.

We discovered Ravens Coffee (not like a “Wilson” discovery as it’s pretty much the first thing you see when you enter and exit the town!) and it’s real, raw, organic and fresh. 

Ravens Coffee, Denmark

The coffee is amazing and being quite the fussy Iced coffee drinker I’ve been very happy when ordering here. No powders, no syrup, no miscellaneous mysteries just really good coffee and extra shots for each child I have to deal with. Awesome. My husband, who is continuously disappointed when he orders a Macchiato topped up (which apparently is super common to get completely wrong), was rewarded with exactly what he asked and paid for and more. Joy. 

The smoothies were the highlight for us and a quiet parenting win. Chockablock loaded with goodies like cacao, chia, spirulina and the added bonus of flavour without tipping the kids into a sugar frenzy. Seriously, there’s nothing better looking than a rear mirror view of calm, satiated children. Bliss.

Ravens Coffee, Denmark

We’ve only ever ordered the raw sweet treats and the short time it’s taken for said treats to be devoured is a testament to their freshness, flavour and general yumminess.

Plenty of seating options in this eclectically adorned establishment both indoors and out, the latter serving up ridiculously pretty Denmark views.  

Ravens Coffee, DenmarkRavens Coffee, Denmark

We are yet to have a meal here, but for our “just passing through” needs Ravens Coffee definitely meets our brief. 

For much more on this unique coffee stop go to their beautiful website: http://www.ravenscoffee.com/

1/7 SOUTH COAST HWY  ph 08 98481163

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