Pitter Patter Music Together, Bassendean

We’ve just finished a term of Pitter Patter Music Together with Rachel and we had so much fun!

It is recommended for children from birth up to the age of 5, Leo is almost 3 and whilst it did take him a few weeks to get into it I think he really enjoyed it and it has certainly encouraged him to sing!!!

But having said that he’s been so much more vocal in the car than he ever was in class.

Pitter Patter Music Together, Bassendean

After our first week we were given a music book, a couple of CDs featuring music from class (one for the house, one for the car) and some supporting literature about the program.

The collection of music used throughout the program is really different, not your usual nursery rhyme soundtrack…there are a few songs without words, songs that request an ‘echo’ and songs that encourage movement and I was so surprised to see Leo doing some of the actions at home!

Music Together is an early childhood music curriculum that’s known for its ability to engage children and adults in musical play together.

Pitter Patter Music Together, Bassendean

Every class is different and I think that’s what kept Leo interested for the 9 week program. We went to the Bassendean class, held in the local library so whenever we drove past Leo would ask if we were going to “me me me me, you you you you’’ as that’s how we would warm up our voices before the hello song!

Pitter Patter Music Together, Bassendean

In between the hello and goodbye songs there were musical stories to be told (using  your hands as rocket ships or butterflies or even fire trucks!), instrument time, songs where you had to tap your hands to the beat, group songs, humming, clapping, a dance track (usually an old rock song to get everyone in the mood), songs where we danced around the room with colourful scarves and always a lullaby.

Leo’s favourite part by far was using the instruments! Rachel has such a great collection of instruments for little hands, I couldn’t even tell you the names of half of them – drums, triangles, bells, shakers, scrapers, wooden sticks etc. At the beginning and at the end of class she’d always bring out her big drum which was there for the kids to start a beat if they felt like it and then help her roll away (pack away) the drum.

Pitter Patter Music Together, Bassendean

It was a mixed age class, some siblings and ranged from the confident movers and shakers to vocal singers to the shy types and everything in between. Rachel always emphasised that all we had to do was sing to our child as they just needed to hear our voice and to follow their lead It wasn’t a problem if they didn’t want to participate, wanted to explore the room, or just sit to the side, there was definitely no pressure to conform. It’s not a formal music class, it was just a fun morning out for us to enjoy some quality time together and make music!

Pitter Patter Music Together, Bassendean

Rachel is really passionate about music, how to incorporate it into your children’s lives and most importantly creating a lifelong love of music from a young age. Rachel runs weekly Pitter Patter Music Together classes in Bassendean (Fridays) and Darlington (Thursdays) and she is also starting to bring music, children and the elderly together with a short program of Music Together Generations classes run in nursing homes.

Pitter Patter Music Together, Bassendean



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