Perth is a city that is filled with stories but even as a Perth local who has lived here my whole life there are plenty of them that I have still to uncover. This is one of the best things about the Triple Tour run by Perth Explorer, Captain Cook Cruises and Fremantle Tram. Not only do you get to learn all about the history of the City of Perth but also scenic Fremantle.

The Perth Explorer part of the tour takes part on a unique open top, double-decker bus which tours through Perth, Northbridge and Kings Park. The open top on the second story gives you a bird’s eye view of many of Perth’s iconic buildings that you simply wouldn’t get any other way.

A commentary accompanies the tour as you make your way through the streets, it is filled with plenty of information on the history of the attractions and the area as well as current information and the future developments that can be expected.

In the summer time it can get quite warm upstairs but there are plenty of stops along the way which means you can zip down the stairs and hang out in the air-conditioned lower deck. The stops also allow passengers to jump on and off and explore attractions such as Perth Mint, Kings Park’s Naturescape or Crown Casino.

Perth Explorer - The Triple Tour

Perth Explorer - The Triple Tour

Perth Explorer - The Triple Tour

The bus runs several times a day so you can make a whole day of just this part of the tour which can be purchased alone or you can spread the Triple Tour over 2 days.

Once you have circled your way back to Barrack St Jetty there is just enough time for a toilet break before jumping on the “James Stirling” for the cruise down to Fremantle. The “James Stirling” is a well appointed vessel that includes an optional buffet, plenty of seating, viewing decks, toilets and a wine tasting on the return journey.

Perth Explorer - The Triple Tour

Just like the Perth Explorer part of the journey, there is a commentary by the Captain which highlights some of the notable points along the river as well as history of the river and immediate area. I think without this commentary you would still have a very pleasant journey watching the other people enjoying the river and the scenic shores of the various subjects. However, the commentary is certainly a great bonus, it gives you some really interesting information about the mansions you will see along the way, the environment you pass through and sights along the way.

Perth Explorer - The Triple TourPerth Explorer - The Triple Tour

Stepping off the boat you can head straight off the Fremantle Tram. We were fortunate to have the very entertaining James leading our tour. Just like the Perth leg, this Fremantle portion of the tour allows you to hop on and hop off so you can enjoy some of the Fremantle attractions like Fremantle Prison, Fremantle Markets, Fishing Boat Harbour and the Fremantle Arts Centre. James is a wealth of knowledge on the history of Fremantle and this is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture and history of Fremantle.

Perth Explorer - The Triple Tour

This tour is a great way to either get a whirlwind tour of Perth and Fremantle or spread it out over 2 days and take a more leisurely pace. Both the bus and tram portions can get warm so if you are affected by the warmer weather I would suggest going on a cooler day. I would also recommend taking lots of snacks, especially if you don’t choose the buffet on the cruise. Once you arrive in Fremantle there are lots of choices for a late lunch, by the time you arrive it is close to 2pm.

Perth Explorer - The Triple Tour

Perth Explorer - The Triple Tour

Perth Explorer - The Triple Tour

There is lots to see and learn along the way but if you have little ones who struggle with sitting still for a long time I would recommend taking along a few things to occupy them. We took our favourite excursion accessory (a notepad and pen) and learnt to play hangman.

The Triple Tour of Perth Explorer, Captain Cook Cruises and Fremantle Tour is a great option for both Perth locals as well as tourists. Each cruise company offers their tours individually as well as some alternative options. You can find more information about the Triple Tour here.

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