Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth

Mermaid Kat’s Mermaid Academy – My two girls have been obsessed with Mermaids ever since they discovered Mermaid Amelia splashing her fin around at Yanchep Lagoon 3 years ago.

Since then we have had Mermaid parties, Mermaid dress-up, Mermaid jewellery so when I discovered that Mermaid Kat had set up her Mermaid Academy right here in Perth I booked Miss 7 in straight away!

Mermaid Kat is widely recognised as being one of the world’s leading professional mermaids.  In 2012 Mermaid Kat decided to help others to fulfill their dreams of turning into real-life mermaids and mermen when she opened her first international mermaid school in Thailand.

Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth

Image Credit: Mermaid Kat Website

After many years of working as a scuba diving and free diving instructor Kat has good knowledge, skills and training to teach other people how to become mermaids or mermen in a safe and fun way. Since then Kat has taught international mermaid workshops in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives, Austria and Egypt.

Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth
Image Credit: Mermaid Kat Website

Miss 7 took part in Mermaid Kat’s inaugural Mini Mermaid Course at Wanneroo Aquamotion.  The workshop is about 90 minutes long and is designed for people who are new to mermaiding – no matter how old they are.  At Miss 7’s workshop she was the youngest with the oldest participant being 62!

The course is recommended for children aged 8+ and to take part you need to be a strong swimmer and able to swim 200 metres in less than 15 minutes and dive at least 2 metres.  If you are wondering whether your child is ready for the course, my 7-year-old daughter is a confident grade 5 swimming level and had no issues in handling the tail.

Course cost is $60 plus $10 for mermaid tail rental if you don’t have your own. Pool entry fees are not included although you qualify for a discounted group entry rate if you mention when paying that you are taking part in the Mermaid Kat Academy.

Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth

The workshop commences with introductions so that you can get to know your fellow mermaid pod. Then follows a general briefing about mermaids, mermaid swimming and safety. Before you don your mermaid tail you take part in a series of stretching exercises to get your core ready for all that tail work!

Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth

Then it’s time to say goodbye to your land legs and embrace your Mermaid fin!

Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth

Once in the water Mermaid Kat demonstrates the trick art of swimming whilst wearing a mermaid fin.  To my amazement Miss 7 picked it up in no time at all and was soon gracefully gliding up and down the pool like a real life mermaid.

Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth

After the basic mermaid strokes have been mastered it’s then time to learn the mermaid tricks.  There were barrel roles…

Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth

Forward and backward rolls


Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth

And swimming through weighted hoops.

Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth

By the end of the workshop Miss 7 was super confident swimming about in her mermaid tail and it was a joy to watch.  She was very proud to receive her Mermaid Certificate at the end of the workshop.

Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth

We’ll definitely be booking in for the next one!  At present, the classes are held at Wanneroo Aquamotion but it is hoped that more venues will be added in the near future.

Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth

Mermaid Kat also is available for Mermaid parties and will be launching her Australian online store soon selling her Mermaid tails.

For more information on Mermaid Kat’s Mermaid Academy visit


Mini Mermaid Course with Tail Rental for 1 ($39) or 2 Ppl ($75) + Pool Entry Fee, Mermaid Kat Academy (Up to $138 Value)

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Underwater photography credit: Tania Douthwaite Kraken Ocean Art

Mermaid Kat's Mermaid Academy, Perth

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    How did you book a class? I have been trying to find someone to book a course for ages and can’t seem to find anything anywhere.

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