Kidz 'n Sport

Kidz ‘n Sport is a sports program for kids aged 3 to 9 years.

The program is designed to build self-confidence, teamwork, persistence, motor skills, concentration, listening, consideration for others, patience and determination. Every session is fun, interactive and extremely beneficial to the child’s development.

They coach a variety of sports like Soccer, Teeball, Cricket, AFL, Netball, Basketball, Mickey (Junior Hockey) and running.

Kidz 'n Sport

My 4yo attends the Skills and Development class at the Carine Oval on Friday mornings. The class is run by the very enthusiastic and passionate Jay.

Kidz 'n Sport

This class is designed to teach fundamental skills for any sport our boys and girls wish to pursue in future. Jay and his team are very friendly and enthusiastic. They always greet the kids with a big HIGH FIVE and talk to them at their level to engage their attention and encourage them to listen to the instructions.

Kidz 'n Sport

Each week Jay and his team set up different stations for different sport/exercises.  Each station has mats for each child and each mat has foot prints placed at the right distance and different colours to encourage the child to do the right move.

Kidz 'n Sport

The first exercise this week was “Catching”
Jay explains and demonstrates how to hold the hands to catch a small ball. The kids had to catch the ball and then run an obstacle course and place the ball in the hoop and run back to the mat.

Kidz 'n Sport

The second was “Kicking”
Jay explains the technique and gives a demonstration how they need to kick. The kids had to stay on their mat which is placed at a certain distance and then kick the ball in the goal.

Kidz 'n Sport

The third was “Throwing”
The kids had to throw a tennis ball inside a basket. Jay teaches them the right position of their feet and also teaches them to aim by pointing to the net with one arm and throwing with the other.

Kidz 'n Sport

The fourth was “Bowling”
The kids were encouraged to stand on the mats which are placed in circle and to roll the ball on the floor to knock over the cones.

Kidz 'n Sport

My previous experience with other sports activities was that the classes were too busy and the children were not followed enough. At Kidz ‘n Sport each child receives a chance to have a go; kids are 100% involved and no one is left behind. My son is totally focused during the class as the coaches always give him a lot of attention, guidance and encouragement.

The class lasts one hour. The kids have few short breaks where they can have some water. The sessions are run outside but if the weather is bad they usually move it indoors. Parents are not required to help. I usually walk around the oval to get some exercise myself. Or sometimes I just grab a cup of coffee and sit and watch.

Kidz ‘n Sport operates classes throughout Perth. They have classes in the morning (3-5 yo), after school (5+) or Saturday mornings (all ages). They also run a School Holiday program and Birthday Parties. Check their website to find a session near you.

Kidz 'n Sport

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