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3 Reviews on “Signing Hands – Baby Signing”

  • Lucy
    2 years ago

    After attending baby signing for two terms (Starting at 6 months) my daughter learnt about 20 signs which greatly helped her communication. She is now a very verbal 16 month old. Debbie is a great teacher and classes are lots of fun.

    1. Debbie 2 years ago

      Thanks Lucy,
      It’s lovely to hear that parents are really getting the full benefit of signing with their gorgeous babies. I definitely have the absolute best job I could have imagined. So much fun and so rewarding.

  • Cristie
    1 year ago

    I came across Signing Hands while expecting my first child. I was looking for opportunities to promote bilingualism without adding too much pressure on the family. What I got with Signing Hands was that and so much more!
    My first child started signing classes at seven months and didn’t produce his first sign until 12 months. He signed it a few times and then did no further signing until 15 months. It was such a long wait, but then the signs just kept coming and I could barely keep up with his questions!
    By age two, he still wasn’t verbal and was diagnosed with a language delay. By then, he was using hundreds of signs. What’s more, he was really creative and patient about getting me to understand what he wanted because he could sign. The speech pathologist confirmed that his language delay was not a result of signing. She was actually thrilled that he was signing! It proved that the language process was developing correctly mentally, and that the problem was in the motor skills needed to physically verbalise the language going on in his head. It made diagnosis so much easier and daily life tantrum-free since he could easily express himself. He is now three and in nine months of speech therapy, he has nearly bridged the gap between himself and his peers. The speech pathologist thought it would take him another year to get that far!
    My second child is currently enrolled in her first term and at seven months has already used her first sign.
    I cannot recommend Debbie’s classes enough. She is absolutely overqualified and the consummate professional. It’s such a fun class and so much fun to watch your child progress each term. It’s by far the best activity I have ever enrolled my kids in!

    1. Debbie 1 year ago

      That is just so lovely Cristie. Your dedication to helping your children is awesome and you have given them the absolute best start they could possible have received. They are beautiful should and I am privileged to be able to help you teach them.

  • Clare
    1 year ago

    I cannot rate Debbie’s classes highly enough, she is always full of energy, encouragement and enthusiasm and has such an amazing belief in our little ones ability to communicate through signing. Signing is taught through songs, stories, dancing and craft activities. We have been attending classes since my daughter was 5 months, she is now a very verbal 19 month old, who’s language development has I’m sure been by greatly aided by the focus on communication signing gives. She constantly surprises me with the signs she knows and my husband and I are enjoying learning Auslan as much as she is. This class is a highlight of our week and definitely makes us all happier. Being able to communicate from so young (first signs at 9 months) really helps reduce frustration, without signing we would have missed so many things – like her asking to talk to grandparents who live abroad, knowing which toy she was crying for, or when and what she wanted to eat! The first time she signed I LOVE YOU was just heart melting!!!!

    1. Debbie 1 year ago

      Absolutely!! I challenge any parent not to tear up when their baby signs ‘I love you’ for the first time – just as you would when they say it! Thanks Clare – I think all of my bubs are pretty special too and I can’t think of doing a more rewarding job.

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