Kalbarri Canoe Safari

Kalbarri Canoe Safari is an amazing half-day adventure experience for families with kids aged 3yrs and over.  The package includes a 20km 4WD ride from the Kalbarri Foreshore to and from the river and a bush tucker brunch cooked by your guide on an open fire at a midway stop off point.Kalbarri Canoe Safari

You’ll paddle a total of 8kms down the river in small sections with breaks provided at two intervals.  The Kalbarri Canoe Safari experience is suitable for all fitness levels, and everyone goes at their own pace within small groups.  It is a fun bonding experience for families!

Our day started with an 8 am pick up at the Kalbarri Boat Hire HQ.  We were given instructions on what we could expect from the day and a run through of health and safety.Kalbarri Canoe SafariThe kids were then fitted out with very own life jackets and instructed on how to use them and blow the distress whistle.

Kalbarri Canoe SafariOur adventure and fun started with a 20km 4WD OKA truck drive along the dirt roads adjacent to the Murchison River to Gregory Rock.  We saw a few baby emus and kangaroos along the way. The ride was very bumpy which was loved by the kids and adults.

Kalbarri Canoe SafariOnce we arrived at the drop-off point, our canoes were positioned on the river bank along with our oars. We each chose a boat and bundled into our canoes.

Kalbarri Canoe Safari


It did take a bit of coordination to master the steering of our vessel. My advice would be whoever is at the front steers and takes command and the people behind just paddle and propel you forwards. A few of our friends ended up doing doughnuts in the water a few times, and another couple did end up in the river and got very wet. We were told to wear shorts and swimmers and thongs for the safari and to keep anything that you don’t want to get wet in the truck.
Kalbarri Canoe Safari

We paddled around 4km (40mins) down the river to “Nanny Goat Well” where we stopped to enjoy a fully cooked meal by our guides.

Kalbarri Canoe SafariWe got a little bit muddy getting out of the river!

Kalbarri Canoe SafariOur guide had already cooked us a sumptuous breakfast.

Kalbarri Canoe Safari

Kalbarri Canoe Safari


Breakfast consisted of various cereals, hash browns, baked beans, bacon, toast, jam etc.. and of course tea and coffee.Kalbarri Canoe SafariThe kids loved their cooked breakfast!

Kalbarri Canoe Safari

With our appetite satisfied, we continued on our adventure safari, paddling down a further 4km (40mins) to enjoy the stunning scenery and wildlife. We took our time and enjoyed the experience at our own pace.

Kalbarri Canoe Safari

Kalbarri Canoe Safari

I can definitely recommend the Canoe Safari for families; it was so much fun!Kalbarri Canoe Safari

You can make a booking directly here: Kalbarri Canoe Safari www.kalbarri.org.au/tours/kalbarri/kalbarri-canoe-safaris

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