Have you got a little deep ocean explorer, or a young aspiring science and technology engineer? Then the James Cameron – Challenging The Deep exhibition, currently at the WA Maritime Museum is the perfect place to bring them! At this immersive exhibition, the kids go on a journey learning about what inspired him to become a deep ocean explorer and how he overcomes his challenges with the use of ground-breaking technologies to make his many deep ocean dives. Especially his record-breaking dives with his DEEPSEA CHALLENGER into the never before explored ocean ground!

Stepping into the exhibition, you will see the recreation of the submersible under the dimly lighted space. We are instantly transported into the underwater world, and it takes you on a learning journey about James Cameron’s childhood inspirations and his love for science and technology.


As a renowned film-maker, this exhibition showcases the behind-the-scenes of the making of his two movies, The Abyss and Titanic. The kids got to see the specially engineered diving helmet that he uses on the set of The Abyss.

His passion for the deep ocean continued when he explored the wrecks of the RMS Titanic and the German battleship Bismarck.

The kids were intrigued by a model replica of the ruins of Titanic.

The exhibition has huge projections of short clips about the relevant expeditions. Missy 9 enjoyed it and understood what was going on. Missy 6, however, found it a lot harder to sit through it.

Missy 6 much preferred to look at the props and artefacts.

There was an interactive touchscreen panel about the Titanic, DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, and Bismarck battleships for the kids to learn more about. The kids thought seeing them come apart and back together was cool.


Missy 9 liked the interactive video microscope where she could see the specimens collected from the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER expedition.

The exhibition’s highlight is seeing the replica pilot sphere of the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER. The kids get first-hand experience sitting in that small sphere and imagine it diving down 11000m into the Mariana Trench.

It took us close to an hour to finish the exhibition. I feel it is more suited for kids above the age of 6 to fully understand and enjoy it. The exhibition is pram-friendly. There are benches and chairs available at each projection for you to sit and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to continue your deep-dive discovery at the rest of the WA Maritime Museum while you are there!


James Cameron – Challenging The Deep



WA Maritime Museum

Victoria Quay Road, Fremantle



23 March 2024 – 28 July 2024



Standard: $15

Concession: $12.50

Junior (5-15): $12.50

Junior (0-4): Free

Mini Group ^: $50

^2 Adults + 2 Juniors, or 1 Adult + 3 juniors



Members receive a discount on ticket pricing.

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