Hudsons Circus

We just love the circus! We have been to a few in our time, but this was the first time we got to check out Hudsons Circus. They travel around putting on spectacular shows all over Australia. Let me tell you, it was fantastic!

Miss 4 was so excited to see the huge big top tent set up at Langley Park that she just had to run for the entrance. Inside the first tent, was a few side show games, including the rotating clown heads and bouncy castle. You can also purchase hot food, and a range of drinks and popcorn here before you take to your seats.

Hudsons Circus

Once Inside the main tent, you will be shown to your seats by the ushers. I thought that the way the seating was set out, was great. You have a good view from where ever you sit. We got tickets in the blue premium seating, and they were fantastic. Beware – if you sit ringside, chances are you will get wet, or chosen for some fun audience participation acts. That is all part of the fun I guess, and the children sitting there seemed to love it.

Hudsons Circus

The acts they had were amazing. Some of the things that these artists can do is crazy. Without giving too much away, they had trapeze, motorbike stunts, contortion, juggling, jack sparrow on a tight rope, animal acts, the classic circus clown and plenty more. I held on to my seat and gritted my teeth plenty of times during the night. Miss 4 was amazed and I even heard her let out a few….woo hoo’s.

Hudsons CircusHudsons Circus

They also have a couple of animal acts. These included, horses and ponies, camels, llamas and even some buffalo. I have to admit, I was a little nervous when those beasts came out with huge horns!

Hudsons Circus

Hudsons Circus

The show runs for 2 hours, with a 20 min interval at half time. During this time, you can choose to have your photo taken with the gorgeous macaw, or even head down to the main arena to have a photo with the clown (there is an extra fee for those). There is portable toilets out the front, but I would suggest going before hand as the queue was quite long and most had run out of toilet paper during the interval.

Hudsons CircusHudsons Circus

Hudsons circus is showing at Langley Park Perth until July 23rd. They then will be moving to Midland from the 27th July – 6th August, then on to Mandurah from the 9th August – 13th August. Ticket prices start from $15 for children and $25 for Adults. You can find out more info, or book tickets online at

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