It’s that time of year again! The school year is coming to an end. What better way of thanking your child’s wonderful teacher for spending four terms educating them, than to gift him/her something really special. What teachers don’t need is another ‘#1 Teacher’ mug or a years’ worth of chocolates – how about getting all the parents together and purchasing one big gift? The GroupTogether website, created by two Aussie mums, has you covered!


Making Group Gifting Easy with GroupTogether

Sounds like a great idea in theory. Rounding up all the parents to chip in cash or give bank details can be a mammoth task in itself. Then there’s organising the kids and parents to sign the card the “old fashioned” way. As well as manually tracking who has paid up. That’s where GroupTogether makes this so simple. Your terrific teacher will receive a great gift from the class, with less hassle and less waste. Everyone’s a winner!

Not all parents do school drop off/pick up, so this digital solution to collect money and get messages onto the card is a seamless way to go. Parents can quickly and easliy pay and sign the thank you card remotely from their phone.


Gifting for Teachers In 5 Easy Steps

Last year 250,000 Aussies parents used GroupTogether to organise their teacher’s gift. Here’s how:

Create an Account

GroupTogether is completely free to set up a collection, share the link with parents, and spend the money with one of their many retail partners. If you’d like to withdraw all or part of the money to purchase your own gift, there is a small fee of 1.7% + 30c per contribution in Australia. You have the peace of mind that the website is safe. Uploaded pictures and emails are not shared with third parties. Plus, all transactions and credit card details are encrypted.

Simply go to the GroupTogether website and hit ‘start’. Creating a collection is so easy! It took me about three minutes.GroupTogether


Send the Invites / Share the link

You can invite parents via email, or easily share the link via text, WhatsApp or in a Facebook group.


How much to contribute?

And how much each family contributes is down to individual choice. GroupTogether have found that generally people collect about $23 per child, which can be split across a few teachers (if there are Education Assistants in class etc).

You can give a guide for how much to chip in, as well as letting parents sign the card without contributing money, to make it inclusive for every family’s situation. You can use wording on the invitation like, “There’s no obligation, but if you’d like to contribute $10 to $15 to Miss Smith’s thank you gift, it would be most appreciated”.

Inevitably, there’s a parent who contacts you after the due date. To make it easier, set the end date a few days before you actually need it. This way, you can easily re-open and add any last-minute contributions.


Create the Card

Choose a card from the many designs available, which also allow you to personalise, making it extra special. GroupTogether’s card lets everyone leave a message and add a picture. It’s a beautiful keepsake for the teacher for years to come. A fun idea is to theme the photo and ask everyone to add a photo of their child with their favourite drawing etc.

Once this has been completed, you’ll be sent a PDF file of the card, making it easy to print at home. You can even print it at a specialist printer, like Officeworks, and have it printed on a good quality glossy card.


Choose the Gift

82% of teachers say that they would prefer a gift card over a physical gift. The GroupTogether AnyCard lets the teacher choose where they want to spend it (70+ brands including David Jones, JB HiFi, etc.).

As well as the eGift Card, you have the option of withdrawing the collected money and split it how you want. Most people give an AnyCard which can be printed or sent to the teacher online.


Teachers are allowed to accept gifts of a value greater than $50, so long as it is reported to their supervisor. As long as the gift comes from the class, this has not been an issue for GroupTogether. An alternative to this is to give your teacher several $50 AnyCards from the class.


About GroupTogether

GroupTogether was created in 2015 by two Sydney mums. Julie and Ali wanted to find an easier way to give better gifts, creating less waste. Last year over 250,000 Aussies used GroupTogether to make someone’s day for many different occasions – for farewells, get wells, birthdays, teachers, coaches and more.

This year, over half of Aussies parents plan to contribute to a teacher’s gift from the whole class. Why not make it hassle free with GroupTogether.


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