How To Host A Flower-Themed Summer Backyard Party For Kids

Kids’ parties of any kind come in different sizes and themes. However, one that’s regarded as the most appealing by most is a flower-themed party. You can easily adopt a floral theme for your child at the comfort of your backyard during their birthday, graduation, or for a baby shower.

Preparing For A Floral Children’s Event In The Summer

Although you can host a flower-themed event any season of the year, having one during the summer may be a better fit as this time is the best for outdoor events. This season’s days bring warmth along with good and refreshing weather.

It’s believed that children of any age love flowers and having a party themed around it would be a great thing. To ensure its success though, you need to plan where you should order the flowers to be used on your kid’s special day. If you’re eyeing to host a flower-themed party for your little one, you can check out what the most colourful season has to offer for all types of flowers.

This article shows how you can prepare and host a flower-themed party for your kid, make it memorable, special, and fun-filled.

  1. Design Floral-inspired RSVPs

Inform your list of guests about the special day of your child with an invitation that is consistent with the flower theme. Whether you want to use the traditional method of printed cards or you want to go digital with online invitations, let the cards be done with flower decorations.

Different social media platforms allow you to create an event and send invitations to your friends. Besides this option, you can use online websites that facilitate free invites. However, those alone wouldn’t generally suffice. You need to get a good graphic designer for expert work on the wordings and general design of the invitation cards that you’re going to RSVP to invitees.

  1. Have Flower Decorations Ready

Make your preparations in advance. You can order a supply of floral decorations from a local florist or a crafts store weeks before your child’s party. Good flower-themed design ideas include streamers, cute vases, pastel-coloured balloons, and tissue paper flowers. A flower shop in your area can provide fresh flowers that are good for decorating your backyard space.

On the other hand, a crafts supply store can offer you party supplies such as moss, greenery arrangements, garlands, wreaths, dried floral bunches, and faux flowers which create a chic yet fun party atmosphere. Whatever it may be, be creative with the arrangement of fresh flowers, faux flowers, or paper flower decorations you’re going to use.


  1. Choose Games And Activities Appropriate With The Theme

There are varieties of themed activities and games that you can add to your little one’s floral-inspired party. You can let your kid and other young participants plant flowering seeds in some pots. Also, they can assemble headbands using silk flower petals.

Other enjoyable activities that are a fit in your party’s theme include cooking and decorating flower sugar cookies, designing colourful flip-flops, colouring clay pots with paint, doing flower picture frames, creating flower jewellery using flower beads, and creating ladybug pets. These activities and games such as flower treasure hunt, longest garland, and flower petal hop can be done with a child’s accompanying adult too which makes them interactive.

How To Host A Flower-Themed Summer Backyard Party For Kids

  1. Prepare A Menu Consisting Of Floral Edible Food

The meals too can be planned accordingly to fit perfectly with the party’s theme. Get in touch with your contracted caterer to help you come up with an appetizing meal that follows the theme. You can also prepare everything on your own if cooking is one of your hobbies.

Simple tips can amp up your party meal offerings that’d wow your guests. You can prepare different dishes including flower pizzas, flower-shaped brownies, quesadillas, flower cookies, and floral cereal treats. Presentation is key as well. Use a flower-shaped cookie cutter to slice the snacks. Serve chips, pasta, or pretzels on flower-shaped paper plates or flower pots. For the attending adults, they’d surely love the idea of floral edible salads.

For a course meal, give your guests and kids floral sandwiches and veggie flowers that look like carrot tulip buds. Additionally, you can level up your creativity with black olives, mozzarella, and ladybug Caprese Salad which are all flower-themed. Throw in some floral corn on sticks and caterpillar-inspired kebabs using fruits to make everything more exciting.

In case you’re hosting a birthday party, place your floral-themed cake in the middle of the table. Arrange flower-themed desserts such as floral gummies and marshmallows, cupcakes with floral frosting, floral cookies, flower tarts, and flower-shaped candy pots nicely around it.


  1. Favour Party Favours Too

To save on expenses, some of the activities can be used as party favours too. Children may like a potful of candies. Have them prepared at all times for little sweet treats are generally inexpensive.

If you’ve got the money to spend, more kid party favour ideas are watering cans, gardening tools, flower mini bouquets, kid-friendly mini trowel, and a miniature pot. Besides giving favours to the kids at the event’s end, you can also hand out your adult guests with a packet of seeds to plant at their homes together with their children.



Throwing a themed party for your kids such as a floral-inspired one may be labour-intensive. Thus, you need to plan and start your preparations ahead to avoid the last-minute rush. Make orders for the supplies you need probably weeks before the day of the party. Let your suppliers confirm the delivery of your decorations and flowers. You may also need the help of other people in conducting the kids’ activities and games. Ensure that you practice creativity to make your kid’s special day memorable, engaging, and entertaining.


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