Moving to a new place can be a daunting task on its own, but have you ever ended up packing everything up and still having loads of items left after removalists are gone? That’s what happened to this young family recently who were moving to Perth and already had their local tradesman like removalists Perth load it all up just to realise how much more is left out there. Well, why not make a garage sale and make a fun day with a family and neighbours out of it was the idea and it worked great both ways – financially and entertainment wise. Of course, it wouldn’t be such a success without careful and timely planning, so read below advice and tips to help you get the most out of it.

Set a date in a calendar

Be clever and try to figure out when you can get the most customers to your sale. Ideally, you would like to plan the sale on a weekend, preferably Saturday morning when most people go shopping, or are going somewhere and your removalists are long gone. You don’t want them working around your house when the sale is on. Imagine if they mix up the boxes and you’ll end up selling your lovely porcelain set you got for your wedding anniversary! This way you’ll also have a better chance of them noticing your sale and potentially popping in to see what’s going on. More people throughout the door – more sales in the cashier! Also, think about public and bank holidays when everyone might be away and try to avoid those. You don’t want to be the only neighbour at your sale. Check the weather forecast as well as no one will stick their nose out just in case it’s pouring rain outside.

Local Authorities & Permits

Make sure you check with your local authorities whether you need a permit in order to hold such a sale. There may be specific regulations guiding how such garage sales should take place.

Create An Inventory List

Such a list will help promote your items for sale as you can distribute leaflets inviting everyone to your garage sale as well as listing the items they will find on the day. This way you will make sure you get the public that’s most likely to purchase something when they’re here. An inventory list will also help keep things on track and to know what’s still there and what’s not – it will come in handy when answering customers’ questions on the day.


Advertise Your Garage Sale

Spread the word out about your garage sale. Things don’t end up by sticking an outdoor sign outside your house these days. Make sure you take good use of social media for example. Post in every neighbourhood group you’re in just make sure you don’t spam them every day with multiple shoutouts. Print some flyers out and distribute them around for those who you can’t reach online easily. The higher your potential audience reach the bigger the turn out on the day will be.

Stay Open-Minded

Keep your mind open to haggling a bit. At the end of the day, you want all of your items gone of course not for free. But your customers will come in the mood of scoring a bargain, so make sure to give them a bit of fun in doing that too.

Donate What’s Left

In case something is left after a day consider donating leftover items to those most in need – a local charity could be a good choice. Usually, they have drop off centres that are easily and locally accessible. Some organisations are happy to pick up from your address directly. You may also need help delivering large or heavy items, so why not use online marketplaces like Upmove guaranteeing the best service at the lowest prices.

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Jennie is the proud mother of two daughters, aged 14 & 12 and is a big advocate of the family-friendly lifestyle that Perth has to offer.

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