Technology is an excellent tool to help improve people’s way of life today. Contrary to popular belief, technology, when it comes to children, doesn’t always involve video games. In fact, one of the ways in which technology helps shape society for the better is in teaching and giving kids the opportunity to have good education and enhance their knowledge.

If you aren’t confident enough to tutor your kids yourself, or if time isn’t on your side, the good news is that numerous reputable online tutors can help you out. You only have to learn how to choose wisely by applying the following tips:

  1. Be Clear About Priorities

No two children are alike, even if your kids are twins. Each one will have strengths and weaknesses. The same can be said of online tutors as well. Some tutors have a better field of expertise than others. Hence, you’ve got to make it match with the needs of your kids. The best way you can do this is to choose and consider your priorities. If your child needs help in Math, then select an online tutor whose strength is Math. If it’s Reading, then pair them up with a Reading expert.


When you do this, you’re also becoming more efficient with your time and money. If you can teach your child all the other subjects yourself, leave the most difficult ones to the tutor. This is usually the one that your kid needs help with the most. Since tutors are trained to teach, you can be sure that they’ll be able to explain concepts better to your child and provide them with the attention that they need to progress with the lesson.


  1. Keep In Mind Your Child’s Learning Style


Children also have different learning styles. Some kids learn through repetition, while others learn through play and problem-solving. Whatever your child’s learning style is, use this to filter out the numerous options that you may have in selecting tutors. Often, you can review this through the tutor’s credentials, which are readily provided to you. If you don’t get the chance to interview or talk to the tutor beforehand, reviewing their credentials is one way for you to filter out your options. Better yet, select a provider that lets you talk to the tutor first. Online providers such as Cluey Learning, for instance, have different capable tutors that you can choose from depending on your preferences. This can help improve the learning capacity and productivity of your child.


  1. Ask For Recommendations


Recommendations form some of the best advertisements that online tutors can have. Individuals that you can choose recommendations from include any of your co-parents in school, family members, and friends. You can even search for educational supplements, childcare, and other learning facilities online.


  1. Ask About The Tutorial Procedures


Thanks to technology, there are now numerous tutorial procedures that you can choose for your child. This is often highly dependent on your preference and on the availability of your resources as well. Each online tutor can have their own tutorial procedures. On some days, this may be a one-on-one video call through Skype or their own phone app. There might also be some days where you’ll have to email or send activities through the app, especially on non-tutorial days when you or your child are away. The tutor may also send follow-through worksheets for homework. Iron out your arrangements early on, so that you’re clear about whether or not your child and the tutor are on the same boat with the procedures. Make sure it’s one that you feel your child will enjoy doing and learning from.


  1. Check The Tutor’s Credentials


When you leave the education of your children in the hands of another, you cannot take second guesses. Before you sign up for any online tutorial provider, take the time to check the tutor’s credentials. This will give you an overall idea about their educational background, and even their emotional quotient. A tutor’s emotional maturity can let you in on how patient the tutor can be, especially when your child is struggling or is difficult to teach. There might be other tutors who aren’t as patient and understanding as others. As much as possible, the tutor that you’re going to hire should be one that’s an expert in the subject that your kids need help on, and is also capable of exercising patience and understanding when it comes to children who may be hard to teach.




School isn’t always going to be easy for children. If your kids are struggling in an area, the good news is that there are reliable online tutors that can help them progress with their lessons sans any hassle. Because all communications and lessons will take place online, you get to save time and money, as well as have your child study in a more relaxed environment, such as your home. An online tutor can be your best friend when it comes to the academic development of your child.



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