The global Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in various implemented lockdown measures to curb the virus spread. Lockdown means that movement is restricted and activities such as shopping are interrupted. However, the dilemma is that needs remain a priority, and people have had to find alternative ways to purchase items, including pet products.

Below are a few ways that you can use to buy the supplies your pet needs during the lockdown.


  1. Buy Online

Stores like Petsumer allow you to make online purchases of quality pet products. Whether you’re searching for toys, accessories, food, or care products, you can safely shop from your home.

What makes online platforms more reliable is that they provide in-depth information about the products you wish to buy. This replaces the one-on-one interaction you used to have with store attendants. This means you don’t need to worry about the product quality and function as you get enough information to make informed purchases.

The advantage of shopping online during the lockdown is that you don’t need to leave your home and risk contracting the virus as the product is delivered to your doorstep.


  1. Phone-In

Depending on the lockdown measures in your area, pet stores may be allowed to operate during stipulated hours. You can find out from the specific stores how you can navigate purchasing supplies. In some cases, you can phone in and request the products you require to be delivered to your house. The store may have different payment options for such a case. You may pay in cash upon delivery or make an online payment upon placing the order.

This is also a strategy that avoids physical interaction at the store. It may be frustrating compared to visiting different stores with your pet and trying out other products. However, following these measures is the only way to get the supplies you need for your pet even while you’re staying indoors.


  1. Contact Volunteers

In some areas, there are groups of people volunteering services such as grocery shopping for those who are sick, showing symptoms, or at high risk during the lockdown. You can find out if any volunteers in your neighborhood can assist you if you fall under any of these categories. You can then provide the volunteer with the list of items you require so that the products get delivered to your doorstep.


  1. Buy from a Drive-Thru Store

Various pet stores have transformed into drive-thru services. Speaking into an intercom to order your products and having these handed to you through the door or window while you’re in the car eliminates all forms of direct contact. You can find out whether there are any nearby drive-thru stores in your community.


  1. Purchase in-store

Depending on the lockdown level, you can purchase your products in-store during the permitted operating hours. However, you need to make sure that you’re following all the necessary precautionary measures stipulated by the World Health Organization.


These precautionary measures include wearing a mask, using sanitizers that should be made available at all public stores, getting your temperature checked, and practicing social distancing. Make sure that you don’t need to spend more time than you need to inside the store. This means you should know the items you set out to buy beforehand so that you don’t spend too much time wandering around.



The different ways you can buy the supplies that your pets need include: online shopping, phoning in, drive-thru shopping, volunteering, and practising caution when inside a pet store. Make sure to keep safe by purchasing items in bulk or only when necessary you and your pet can stay safely indoors as much as possible.


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