Hot Chocolatte is a very cool little shop in Dunsborough, in the same shopping complex as IGA and BWS in town.

Hot Chocolatte, Dunsborough

The website states “Many years ago, in the sunny coastal town of Dunsborough, a passion for delicious chocolate, lollies and warm silky beverages was born with the opening of Hot Chocolatte. The friendly team worked together to ensure the town folk and seasonal visitors were treated to a dazzling array of chocolates, lollies, smooth coffees, rich hot chocolates and icy drinks.

The little shop was always a delight to enter as it was ever changing. From suspended garden tea parties to Easter eggs hidden in mountains of hay, there was always quirky treasures to be found in every nook and cranny.”

The website focuses more on their lolly bar business and does not include many details about the shop.

Hot Chocolatte, Dunsborough

Hot Chocolatte is not a restaurant but a very cool lolly shop which also does great coffee, hot chocolate other hot drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, etc as well as toasted sandwiches in the mornings.

Hot Chocolatte, Dunsborough

They also stock my favourite Italian Biscuits from the Italian Biscuit man, Claudio who lives locally. I highly recommend the biscuits and he now does a chocolate version too. At the time of writing he delivers to the shop on a Friday.

I had a milk hot chocolate and the kiddies had baby chinos which are $2 each. The Italian biscuits are $2.50/$3 each depending on the flavour and they are really worth it! We also enjoyed their chocolate brownie which was homemade and very good.

Hot Chocolatte, Dunsborough

It can take a while to get your coffee as the shop is very popular but there are a few seats to sit on where you can read the paper inside or outside the shop and an old style arcade game to keep the kiddies (and dads!) amused while you wait.

Hot Chocolatte, DunsboroughHot Chocolatte, Dunsborough

Hot Chocolatte, Dunsborough

A word of warning though, if you take your kiddies into the shop they will of course want to eat everything and touch all the chocolates and lollies as they are all at kiddy eye level! Definitely recommended if you can handle the kiddies and the chocolate!

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