Gloucester Tree Pemberton

The Gloucester Tree is a must do for families whilst visiting Pemberton. The main attraction is of course the tree itself, which is a giant Karri tree situated in the Gloucester National Park a few kilometres out of the Pemberton town centre.  Gloucester Tree PembertonThe tree is 72 metres high and is the second tallest fire look-out tree IN THE WORLD! Which not only makes it a great attraction to see, but also to climb! Yes that’s right you can climb all the way up to the look-out-tower. GULP!  Apparently only a small percentage of people make it to the top before bottling it and coming down. Gloucester Tree Pemberton

There’s a comfortable decked seating area around the base of the tree so you can sit and watch everyone else go up and down. For safety purposes there is an official officer at the base of the tree giving you safety and climbing technique advice.  My kids aged 5 and 7 made it about 4 rungs high! As you go up higher there is a (rather flimsy) net, which stops you falling apparently!  Couldn’t quite see it myself but hey ho I’m not a big fan of heights and impressed I got this close to the tree to take the picture.Gloucester Tree PembertonIf you make it to the top please send me a picture.

As well as the really tall tree there are a few good nature walks which we enjoyed exploring.  There are toilets facilities and water fountains at the main car park and plenty of signage for the walks around Gloucester Park.Gloucester Tree Pemberton

We went on the Karri walk which was full of nature treasures including beautifully coloured and shaped mushrooms (aka fairy food), fairy caves (trees with huge holes that you can actually walk and stand in!) and the most amazing emerald green bush.  Gloucester Tree Pemberton

We had an exciting adventure and took plenty of time to let the kids explore, climb and forage.Gloucester Tree PembertonThe Gloucester Tree is a great half day out if you take a picnic and enjoy the energy of the forest.Gloucester Tree Pemberton



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