When it comes to finding a place jam-packed with activities, you’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere better than what Australia’s Perth has to offer. With extraordinary beaches in one corner and lively parks in the other, it’s very unlikely that you’ll run out of things to do.

But what many consider to truly set the city apart from the rest is its attitude towards diversity and inclusivity. The region has made many recent efforts to increase the quality of life for its population, most especially for those with disabilities. The number of activities to do that allow for the inclusion of everyone has given the city increased acclaim.

With that being said, here are some of the most enjoyable activities for disabled adults in Perth.


  1. View Movies, Musicals, And Theatre Plays

Theatres in Perth are said to offer seamless experiences for people with disabilities. Features like ramps and reserved areas for wheelchairs are readily available for use. The convenience things like these provide while watching a movie or play can’t be understated.

Additionally, there are a few, lesser-known benefits that movie places can provide for you. Aside from the discounts you typically receive, a quick call to the venue can inform you of special arrangements the theatre can offer to your loved one with disabilities.

The best example of this is giving free access to your caregiver should you bring one with you. Coordinating with theatre management and your service provider, like Assist Plan Managers and others similar to it, will quickly sort out any confusion to these offers.

Watching a performance on the big screen or live on stage is great fun for all who get to witness it. When suspending your disbelief is crucial for the experience, looking for places that help everyone access it is invaluable.


  1. Enjoy An Afternoon In A Park

Exposure to fresh air and greenery can be an excellent way of reconnecting with nature. The wide and open spaces and presence of various facilities are also a major draw for people from most walks of life. Furthermore, all these factors serve to create wonderful opportunities for socialization which are crucial when dealing with mental conditions like depression and anxiety.

Most of Perth’s public park spaces offer additions that help with accessibility. Features like ramps, water fountains, and nature trails are built with integration in mind.

Local organizations are also known to host a myriad of activities for adults with disabilities. These range from sports groups, exercises classes, and even birdwatching activities. Whether leaning on the sportier side of outings or just wishing to be in tune with nature, parks can offer the best of both worlds.


  1. Visit Museums And Galleries

Science and history museums and art galleries can be the better option for those looking for more intellectual pursuits. Perth is home to a number of museums and galleries that provide a worthwhile learning experience to everyone, even to adults with disabilities.

From the ancient culture of Greece to modern interpretations of art, these locations can cover a vast array of topics in one quick visit. The way these venues are arranged creates a seamless experience for people with disabilities as well.

Displays are often arranged chronologically so following the timeline is intuitive. Elevators are also available for easy access to the upper floors. The artefacts and art pieces on display can create some truly riveting and introspective experiences.

Additionally, they are also quiet places. A sense of calm and order permeates these places, so they can be a great source of meditation and stillness. Booking a trip here be a great method of connecting with your and your companion’s inner scholar.


  1. Appreciate Wildlife In Perth’s Public Zoo

Perth Zoo can be taken as an example of the best that the region has to offer. The zoo’s education initiatives and proven record of humane practices will mean that an excursion here can be enjoyed without reservation.

While seeing the various animals is the main draw, the other amenities offered at the zoo can provide just as much entertainment as well. Interactive activities are littered throughout the different areas. Additionally, the café and restaurant found inside can offer a delicious reprieve from all the exploration you’re bound to do.

These establishments offer dining areas that are wheelchair accessible too. The zoo also sports pathways and parking spots which can help assure you of a good time as well. With all this and more, it’s common to end up spending an entire day exploring everything they have to offer.



Living with a disability may come with its detriments, but enjoying what a city has to offer does not have to be completely off the table. Laudable efforts from regions like Perth serve as shining examples of inclusivity to a global audience. Additionally, travelling with loved ones can be made all the more fun with a little research and elbow grease.



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