The pandemic turned people’s homes into a kind of one-stop-shop. For many, the home became their place of work and the place where the kids go to study. It would be nice to reclaim a part of your home as a sanctuary, a place of solitude, where you can relax and fight off stress. 

Now that a semblance of normalcy is starting, perhaps it’s time to do that little project. Some people even claim that just the act of redecorating and rearranging helped lighten their mood. But it’s also important to remember that this project should be simple and uncomplicated.

So here are a few simple suggestions you can do to create a relaxing space at your home:

  • Declutter

As you choose your space, removing clutter is a good way to start. Visual clutter such as piles of paperwork, toys, or pieces of clothing strewn around can add to the stress, even if you ignore them. Spend a few minutes to put away disorganized paperwork and other bric-a-brac. Leave only a few items that bring memories of good feelings. 

  • Make Use of Different Textures

Having different textures could add warmth and relaxation to your space. Putting in soft Hommey Cushions with nice fabrics and in different colours can make a sofa or any chair appealing. Add in colourful and cosy throw blankets to make your space extra comfy. Making a simple change can sometimes do wonders and can bring unexpected pleasure. 

  • Make Separate Zones

Make sure your home has a separate function for each room worked out. Having different zones delineated will help mark areas for different activities. Your home should have separate areas for study, work, and relaxation or exercise. Your work and your work clutter shouldn’t spill over into space where you relax. Keep them separate. 

If space is a problem, you can pack your work up and put it away, temporarily out of sight. It may sound like too much of a bother, but will soon become a habit. Besides, the benefits of having a clutter-free relaxation space far outweigh any inconvenience you might experience.

  • Add a Touch of Nature

Bringing in some plants into your space is a relatively cheap and simple way of making your surroundings feel restful. You can choose from a wide variety of house plants available at a nursery. Plants can have a big impact on your space. 

They can make your space seem calmer and more tranquil and can lift your mood. For a touch of uniqueness, try getting unusual pots or vessels for your plants. Try baskets, bowls, copper pots, or antiques. 

  • Add Light

It’s a proven fact that the correct placement of lights can affect your mood. A home that doesn’t get much natural light wouldn’t look very cheery. Space inside would seem cold and uninviting. Let natural light into your home and transform it into a place of warmth and promote a relaxing vibe. You can choose table and floor lamps to make the room’s light less harsh and softer in the evenings.  

  • Pick Calm Colors

Colours can also have an impact on the way you feel. You may have colour preferences, but typically, colours that are softer and natural can make anyone feel calmer. You can also add more nature-inspired colours, such as blue, soft green, or grey, to add layers to the room’s colour scheme. Outdoor colours can stir up feelings of tranquillity. For variety, you can add in a splash of bright colours here and there to add some personality to the room. 


Setting aside a quiet nook as a relaxation spot is a good idea. It could give you a relaxing activity, and when it’s done, a place where you can relax and work your stress away. It doesn’t have to be a major or complicated project; it could be as simple as adding cushions, putting away a few odds and ends, adding plants, lights, and perhaps adding a few colours to the room. 


About Jennie McNichol

After spending 11 years in London working in the television industry for the BBC, Jennie McNichol made the move to Perth in 2010. As the Co-Founder and Editor of Buggybuddys, she has been able to use her experience and passion for helping families to create a trusted online resource for parents across Perth.
Jennie is the proud mother of two daughters, aged 14 & 12 and is a big advocate of the family-friendly lifestyle that Perth has to offer.

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