Fringe World Perth: PreHysterical

Fringe World Perth is back for 2020, and with it comes a hilarious family circus show, PreHysterical. Packed with music, action and humour, it’s sure to be a prehistoric hit!

The fun of PreHysterical begins before the show even starts. While the audience finds seats, the performers interact with the crowd. The male performers examine peoples mobile phones, pose for photos and cheekily pinch drinks. During our visit, one cast member was even chased by a child with his own club! While we were waiting, a cast member sat next to us, encouraging Miss 5 to laugh his colleagues antics.

The show starts off with an introduction of the three Neanderthal characters. Gronk, the female character is fierce and a clever problem solver. Ugg is strong and full of bravado. Ow is bumbling and rather endearing. A voice over narrates and prompts the story forward. Journey with the three funny, foolish cave people as they hunt for food and try to avoid predators. Children will love the nose picking, farting and cheekiness of these three characters!

PreHysterical’s performers keep their young audience glued to the show with slapstick humour and incredible circus antics. For example, the cast ask the audience questions, request help to make a river flow and bounce beach balls in the finale. The performance includes acrobatics, aerial silks, trapeze and much more! Between the action and the humour, Miss 5 roared with laughter and was on the edge of her seat with anticipation.

When asked what she liked best, Miss 5 said she loved ‘the “I Like To Move It, Move It” part’. This is a piece with music and dancing towards the end. However, I would say she enjoyed the whole show. From the first nose pick, she loved it!

Following the show, the performers welcome audience members to stay for a photo. Miss 5 felt inspired to do a handstand! The cast were playful and encouraging. True children’s entertainers.

To sum up, PreHysterical is a Fringe World show the whole family will enjoy. We both walked out with big smiles. With a dash of subtle adult humour thrown in, I enjoyed it as much as Miss 5.

PreHysterical runs for around 45 minutes and is suitable for ages 5 to 12. The Kleenheat Sizzle Factor is mild with no rude words, nudity or adult themes.

For a preview, check out a video of the team’s acrobatics on the Facebook page here.


Fringe World Perth: PreHysterical

Located at Teatro in the Woodside Pleasure Garden, Russell Square, James Street, Northbridge.

PreHysterical sessions are available at Fringe World Perth from now until 16 February with daily shows during school holidays.

Ticket prices begin at $25 with discounts available for family and group bookings. Book your tickets online here or purchase tickets at the Fringe World box office.


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