Green Leaves Early Learning

Babies interact with the people and the world around them through touch, sight, sound, smell and feel. Through these interactions and investigations, babies develop concepts of their world and how it connects with them to help them reach pivotal developmental milestones.

Neural pathways are created in a baby’s brain through repetitive actions and stimulating these senses, shaping the way a child thinks, feels, behaves and learns -now, and into the future. Meaningful and connecting relationships between caregivers and babies also nourish a child’s growing brain.

With more brain activity from birth to three years of age than any other time in a person’s life, these formative years are critical in influencing learning outcomes and lifelong skills.

Educators in Green Leaves Early Learning Nursery rooms recognise and value the importance of care routines with babies throughout the day. Shared interactions built between babies and educators support an infant’s sense of self, belonging and emotional well-being.

Green Leaves Early Learning


Nursery room curriculums provide opportunities for babies to explore and strengthen their vestibular systems through a variety of motion and movement activities. Our vestibular system is the sensory system responsible for our balance and spatial orientation among other things.

Building skills such as coordinating eye and head movements, coordinating both sides of the body, remaining balanced and orienting themselves in space. This helps to work towards developmental milestones, such as being able to purposefully position their head, know when they are upright, leaning back, lying down or are upside-down.

Green Leaves Early Learning

Ultimately this builds a sense of security while undertaking everyday tasks such as walking, running, jumping, and as they grow, doing things like cutting with scissors, or riding a bike. This development of the vestibular system from birth supports the physical and mental success of babies into their futures.

Green Leaves Early Learning

Green Leaves specialises in the fundamental stages of educational development, from babies through to Kindergarten (6 weeks – 6 years). Their educators are committed to providing educational experiences that exceed traditional early education standards and ensure that these fundamental milestones are met for their babies in their daily routines.

Daily activities are designed to encourage intentional teaching and to optimise learning and development. Some of the experiences that take place in daily routines include culinary exploration with their chefs, music and movement, sensory play, tummy time, and building nurturing relationships and bonds with their trusted educators.

Green Leaves Early Learning

Throughout the day babies can exercise their social awareness during creative free play and ensure all their daily nutritional needs are met by progressive mealtimes. The tranquil music and beautiful twinkling night sky in the cot rooms create the perfect ambience for quality rest between these periods of activity.

If you would like to find out more about unique and age-appropriate learning journeys, visit Green Leaves Early Learning. Families are welcomed to pop in for a coffee and tour to get to know their local Green Leaves.

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