DelBoy's Diner

Put your glad rags on and head on up to the newest diner in town, DelBoy’s! Walking into DelBoy’s Diner is like taking a step back in time. From the checkerboard floor to the retro wall plaques and bright red booth seats. Even the staff are dressed in retro gear! (If you love retro/vintage/rockabilly this joint is your dream!)

DelBoy's Diner

DelBoy's Diner

We went for lunch and grabbed a booth by the window. The staff immediately gave the girls colouring-ins (which was also their menus) and pencils.

DelBoy's Diner

The kids meals are only $10 each with kids size soft drinks only $2.50 extra. They choose the fish & chips and cheeseburger with fries (all kids meals come with a choice of fries, baked potato or slaw as a side).

DelBoy's Diner

DelBoy's Diner

The adults choose the Kentucky Fire burger ($18) and the DelBoy’s Biggen burger ($22). Both of these went down a treat (with the Biggen being proclaimed as the best in the world by the seasoned traveller in our group!).

DelBoy's Diner

I couldn’t go past the Candy Corn Megashake ($9.50) which was delish and the cheese fries ($12), they were sooo tasty and nacho-ey.

DelBoy's Diner DelBoy's Diner

DelBoy’s Diner is open from 7am for breakfast (which also looks amazing) and till 10pm for dinner (liquor license pending).

DelBoy’s Diner is located at 1/8 Dwyer Turn Joondalup (just look for the building painted like a checkered flag!)

DelBoy's Diner

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