Home improvements with your children? Designing rooms together with them? Sure thing! Planning and renovating doesn’t have to mean a couple of horrible months out of your whole life. It also is a good way to develop kids’ sense of design and independent, creative thinking. We prepared a few tips on how to survive home renovation and learn from it!


You can support your child’s development with basic exercises and playing. Discover wonderful opportunities for creative workshops in your neighbourhood. You don’t have to take kids to the construction site to show them what building and renovation planning is about.

Think – what is the origin of our engineering instinct and manual skills? Aren’t LEGO blocks or play dough the first things that come to your mind? Exactly! It’s the most traditional and simple way to show a child how design works.

Those aren’t necessarily stay-at-home activities. You can make them a real social event for your kids. In Perth, we can even recommend you to become members of LEGO Club. Their events take place regularly. You can easily follow their schedule with our help. And if you’re ready to get your hands dirty, visit the closest pottery cafe. Making mugs of clay is as beneficial and rewarding as building LEGO houses.

As for even more artistic aspects of your child’s development, you can sign up for art workshops and craft classes in our region, as well.

Exercising design thinking and nurturing artistic sense is a perfect combination to support a child’s brain development.

Hire your kid!

Kids are extremely underrated as designers. Try to hear them out, ask them to draw projects of their dream bunk bed, wild garden on a balcony or an amazing breakfast bar in the kitchen, where you all can spend lazy Sunday mornings together. Follow the stream of their imagination and figure something out together!

Your first thought might be that home renovation is absolutely no playground and children should stay away from the physical work and potentially dangerous tools.

Obviously, there’s no place for toddlers during such activities. Although, you should give your older ones a chance to prove themselves. Kitchen remodelling is not a deadly combat area.

Involving kids in home renovation and watching them being focused on work with this amazing children’s seriousness is, in fact, a valuable lesson and an unforgettable experience both for them and for you.

Children learn to think for themselves, responsibility for their actions and respect for the place they live in. Eventually, they also took part in renovating their home and it brings great value!

It doesn’t matter if what they do is scraping off the wallpapers, painting walls, or just cleaning up. Every task is a precious sign of their parents’ trust. It’s a wonderful boost to children’s self-esteem.

Safety first

Home renovation should mean a great family adventure but we mustn’t forget about possible hazards. Let’s take a closer look at what we should pay attention to:

  • Toxic substances
    That is i.a. mould, lead, asbestos
  • Dust, filings, turnings, splinters, fibreglass…
    During the renovation, During the renovation toxins can be present in the air along with tiny fibres and fragments of cut materials that can easily be inhaled.
  • Noise
    Loud drills and saws may easily cause irritation and result in hearing damage in the long run if the sound is too intense. Noise is also a serious stress factor that can result in headaches, crying, or even nausea.
  • Strangers
    Getting paranoid is the last thing a parent needs but we obviously should be careful. Not necessarily the hired contractors should be the source of concern. But the house during renovation is crowded and loud, which makes it an easy target for potential burglars or swindlers.
  • The safety of pets
    Yes, pets need particular attention at the time of renovation, too!this is an extremely stressful period for them, as they do not understand what is going on, why it is so loud, who are all these strange people around… You can ask children to take care of the animals during this specific period. It teaches kids to be empathic, responsible for other beings, their lives and emotional states.

Keep in mind the safety standards and enjoy this particular chapter of your family life. Don’t let the big stress in. Such big events should be a fun adventure for your loved ones and an opportunity to learn and teach new, useful skills.



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