Because of the recent health pandemic caused by the coronavirus, or COVID-19, the world economy has slowed down.  Businesses have drastically shifted to digital marketing methods to take advantage of the increasing time people spend online.

Using promotional products, however, can still give you a competitive edge as long as you properly observe the health and safety guidelines set in place. Promotional products allow you to have a physical connection with your customers. They improve brand recall and add value to your customers’ lives.

In this article, you’ll find cost-effective promotional products to help you market your business during these trying times.


  1. Pens And Notepads

Despite the increased use of computers and other digital technology products, people still like expressing themselves through traditional means such as journals, diaries, and notes. That’s why giving away pens and note pads is a great idea. Pens can help advertise your business, offering a higher perceived value when you sell your products.

Notepads come in a wide range of sizes and styles. You can send notepads to your loyal customers, especially if your business has something to do with the field of education. They can use these notepads to create reminders or make a shopping list. Just make sure you’re getting high-quality pens and notepads from trusted suppliers.

Here are some tips when promoting your brand using pens and notepads:

  • Customized Notepads: A trusted supplier like Boost Promotional Products can custom-print notepads with your business name, company logo, or branding to increase brand recognition.
  • Best Features: The best note pads come with different types of bindings to hold the pads together. Also, you can choose from different page capacities with a cover or no cover option. It’s also a good idea to choose note pads with cardboard backing to create a sturdy writing surface. The edges should be glued to secure pages when you’re ready to write and tear.


  1. Caps And Hats

Caps and hats will never go out of style, so they make great promotional products. Customized caps and hats are a great choice for endorsing your brand. Other options include acrylic knitted beanies, fleece beanies, striped beanies, and skull beanies.

Provide warmth to your consumers by giving away caps and hats, especially during the colder months. Many caps and hats are also suitable to wear with school or company uniforms. You can find printed or embroidered caps and hats at They can also custom-print your company logo and message.


  1. Power Banks

A power bank is a portable battery that can recharge phones, tablets, and other modern-day electrical devices. Power banks are standard stock items that provide power to commonly used gadgets using gaming and other apps.

Using power banks as promotional items provides value to your customers because they would be able to use it every day, especially for those who are always on the go. Custom-branded power banks and charging kits are perfect promotional products during a company event with high-profile clients, customers, or investors participating.


  1. Stress Shapes

With family-friendly events now being planned in neighbourhoods, families can be more productive and get their physical and mental health in check. COVID-19 has brought so much stress to families, neighbourhoods, and the overall world population.

Help your customers combat stress with cute stress shapes that come in different colours, shapes, and designs containing your company name or logo. You’ll even find stress shapes in unexpected forms such as a clock-shape designs, mini-houses, fruits, and burgers. Stress shapes can help release tension by exercising the hand muscles. They’re also perfect for children to help release excess energy.


  1. Umbrellas

People need useful items, especially with weather changes. Umbrellas make a perfect promotional material with your brand name or logo printed on these colorful rain shields. Attendees of trade fairs or any corporate event would surely appreciate free umbrellas, particularly when these events are held in areas which always experience extreme weather changes.


  1. Drink Bottles

Encourage your customers to stay healthy and hydrated with drink bottles. Commercially sold mineral or distilled water can be expensive, so people would rather bring drinking bottles with them when travelling or exercising. Have your brand name or logo printed on promotional drinking bottles to market your products and services in style.

Set of different sport water bottles isolated on white. High resolution



Whether you have a family-owned business, online business, or an established company, the above-mentioned promotional products are useful and cost-effective. Give them as freebies for meeting a certain amount of order, promotional gifts, or giveaways. Your company name, logo, or theme can be printed or embossed on these promotional products. You can expand your reach and create a better customer experience to increase your sales during this pandemic.


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