One of the best ways to experience Perth, Australia is by motorhome. Imagine bringing a house with you to one of the most beautiful places. You won’t have to book hotel rooms that can be expensive, or not be able to book at all because the hotels are full.

There are many companies like Let’s Go Motorhomes Perth that offer motorhomes or campervans that you can rent. They have various options depending on how many people you’ll take with you. You’ll be able to go exploring at your own pace. Here are some of the best places you shouldn’t miss:


Before you move further away from the metropolitan area of Perth, see some of the best sights in Fremantle first. If you’re interested in catching a glimpse of a lot of historic sites and heritage buildings, this is the place to go.

You’ll see Victorian architecture and some of the buildings which show that Australia used to be a British penal colony. If you go on the weekends, you might even encounter some live entertainment on the streets. You can stock up on food from the various fresh produce and specialties that are available.


Swan Valley

If you feel like going on a fine and sophisticated Australian experience, you can visit Swan Valley and eat at gourmet restaurants, as well as go on distillery tours and taste some of the best wines and cheeses.

You can also try a sweet temptations trail to satisfy not only your spirit for adventure, but also your sweet tooth. If you have children with you, it’s a family-friendly tour that your kids will love.



Those who enjoy waterfront activities should not miss Mandurah. It has beautiful beaches like Silver Sands Beach and Halls Head Beach. Those two are some of the most famous beaches in Perth so you should expect a bit of a crowd, especially during hot weather. Nonetheless, those are still great places to relax and chill, and enjoy the calming ocean waves.

Australia is also known for its wildlife. Sometimes you’ll see photos of weird or terrifying creatures that you might only see in the land down under. But there are also some interesting ones you might want to see, like the thrombolite formations in Lake Clifton, which sits between Mandurah and Bunbury.


Monkey Mia

No, this is not a place where you’ll see lots of monkeys. Monkey Mia is most famous for bottlenose dolphins. If you want to experience them up close, this is the place to go as the dolphins come close to shore, and you can experience swimming alongside them.

You’ll find white-shell beaches with a fantastic view of the ocean, which would make beautiful landscape photographs. You can park at a caravan park and go exploring and sightseeing, and then dine in restaurants.



Geraldton is where you’ll find the endemic Geraldton waxflower that has beautiful pink or white flowers that bloom from June to November. However, seeing those flowers is not the only thing that’s worth doing in this part of Australia.

If you like water sports, there’s a wide range of activities for you to experience here. You can try diving, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. Geraldton is also for people who enjoy learning about a place’s history. There are many heritage buildings like the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage and Central Greenough Historic Settlement. You can also visit museums such as the Chapman Valley Historical Society Museum.



There are a lot of different things to do in Carnarvon. For science enthusiasts, there’s the Space and Technology Museum, which has the Big Dish that NASA used for tracking the Gemini and Apollo missions. There are also museums, and an exhibit of a fully restored steam train.

Food lovers will also enjoy this coastal town because of the abundance of seafood and tropical fruits you’ll find here. You can enjoy taking photographs of the beautiful city, as well as the waters of the blowholes.


Coral Bay

If fishing is your game, Coral Bay is the place to visit. You can catch trouts, marlins, or sailfish there. But if you’d rather swim with marine life, you can do that, too. You have a high chance of seeing manta rays from May to November, and Humpback Whales from July to November, but you can still go diving and see some dolphins and even spot rare dugongs any time of the year.


Final Thoughts

Perth, Australia is a place for those who love adventure, tasting fresh produce and seafood, water activities, and historical architecture. There are many places to see so going exploring on a motorhome will give you all the time you want to spend in each of those. No need to stick to the schedule of tour groups, or even rush to catch the last ride for different places.



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