A gentle massage may do more than simply touching your baby. It may help soothe them, support their growth, and even improve their sleep. It’s also a wonderful approach to strengthen your relationship with your child.


What Is Baby Massage

One of the best gifts a parent may offer their baby is touch. A baby massage may help with improving that gift. It’ll give them a chance to learn more about the baby’s unique needs and preferences. While massage for older people uses massagers, baby massage is best done with the parent’s hands.

When a parent gently strokes their baby’s body using a baby-safe oil or lotion, they’re doing baby massage. The connection between the parent and the child may deepen and develop as the former gives their little one soft massage strokes. Massages may also help an infant relax and fall asleep more soundly.


Benefits Of Baby Massage

The advantages of infant massage extend well beyond the establishment of a close connection between you and your baby. Introducing massage at a young age may help your baby fall asleep faster. It may also make them feel more at peace in their little body.

Baby massage may also help develop their sensory awareness. Additionally, it may also address some childhood ailments, such as colic, while also developing flexibility and coordination.

Massaging preterm babies may promote their development and alleviate discomfort from muscle tightness and teething pain. It’s also common to massage newborn babies shortly after they emerge from their mother to help them take their first breaths.


When To Start Baby Massage

When your baby is around a month old, you may begin introducing full-body massages to your regimen. By this time, your kid is already used to your touch and presence. You may begin even younger with mild hand and foot massage. You may also skip oils if you’re concerned with your baby’s skin reaction.

However, pay attention to your baby’s emotions. Ideally, your child should be relaxed, awake, and comfortable when you’re set to touch them. Make sure you don’t do anything that makes your baby feel uncomfortable while you’re massaging them. You shouldn’t give your infant a massage if they tighten their arms or move their head away from you.


Starting A Massage Routine

Regular massage at about the same time each day may allow your infant to adapt to the new sensation. An excellent opportunity to massage your infant is immediately after a bath. You may also massage your child in the morning to jumpstart the day. Before bedtime is also a great opportunity to massage to help them relax and sleep better.

Listen to your baby’s signals and adjust your massage regimen based on their needs. The aim is to make your child feel safe and secure every time you massage them.


How To Give A Baby Massage

There are several methods of baby massage, each with its own benefits. As with everything, it’s important to practice the skill to fully master it.

The best approach to getting started is with the proper techniques. You already know that your baby is extremely sensitive to your touch and perceives it in a completely different way. It’s crucial to make sure you’re calm and prepared before you start.

To begin, warm your palms and relax your fingers. You’ll be using those to massage your baby. Remember, your goal is to make them feel comfortable, secure, and relaxed with your touch. Always use a gentle touch on your baby’s skin. Avoid pushing too hard on the stomach to prevent causing pain.


Baby Massage Techniques

The following are ideas and methods for making the most out of your massage time with your baby.

  • Massage Your Child In A Calm Environment

Choose a location where both of you will feel comfortable. Keep eye contact by laying them on their back. As you take their clothes off, tell them it’s time for a massage.

  • Massage Gently

Slowly massage each area of your baby’s body while they’re lying on their back. Take considerable time massaging the different areas of their body. Begin from the top of their head and work your way down to their toes.

Each portion of the massage may last as long as the baby is comfortable with it. A brief massage on your baby’s tummy may also be an option. However, some infants may not like lying on their stomachs for long durations. Repeat the rubbing movements if your baby’s having fun during the massage.

  • Consult Your Paediatrician

When done correctly, baby massages may be a wonderful way to pamper your child. The best thing to do, however, is to consult with your child’s doctor first and see if they have any suggestions regarding the matter.


Baby massage is a great way to help them relax and spend time with you as a parent. However, not all parents feel comfortable massaging their babies. Don’t give up if massaging your infant doesn’t work out right away. Doing the massage properly may take some practice for you and your child.

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