Are you looking to find the fastest-growing sectors to have a career in?

The world is fast evolving, and industries are in constant upkeep to grow and steadily maintain their positions. But inevitably, some industries rise and fall depending on the world’s needs.

It’s a good idea to be forward-thinking and practical about your career choice. Here are five high-growth sectors that you should consider a career in.


Transportation and Logistics

Without logistics and transportation, many industries will collapse due to immobility. From eCommerce to fashion to food services, many industries rely on the movement of raw materials and finished goods to relevant stakeholders. And with the continuous GDP December growth in Australia, trending upwards by 3.1%, transportation and logistics become all the more essential to keeping things moving now and for years to come. These factors make it an essential, future-proof career that’ll only expand as more demand rolls in.

If you’re looking to stay on top of the logistics game, enroll yourself in an online course to give you valuable information about the expansive world of transportation services. If you’re interested in a career with future growth potential, we recommend looking at Monarch’s transport and logistics course for giving yourself expert knowledge.


Construction Industry

According to the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment (DESE) in Australia, construction services are projected to reach a 6.8% average increase in growth from periods 2020 – 2025. This positions its growth potential above other industries like Wholesale Trade (0.8%), Manufacturing (-0.7%), and Agriculture and Forestry (1.2%). 

Construction refers to the construction and renovation of infrastructure. With more people looking for new housing or moving to other cities, or even just wanting to possess their own real estate properties, there’s a constant demand for people looking to have their own homes built from scratch. Not only that but new buildings and skyscrapers are expected to prop up too — making this career a very viable option for anyone who’s looking to divert away from a cubicle job.


IT and Technology

You probably already expected this field to come up in the list, and you’re right on target. Technology services contribute a whopping 6.6% of the Australian GDP, positioning itself as a highly booming industry.

Tech dominates as more and more businesses create solution-based technology that improves efficiencies in a business’s operations. With fields like data analytics, robotics, cloud networks, blockchain, and so many more processes require technical knowledge, and with cutting-edge innovations introduced at a breakneck pace, the state of tech couldn’t be any more obvious. It’s here to dominate for years to come: and it’ll only cement itself as a career that’ll never wane in popularity. Pursuing your career using tech software is one thing, but being at the forefront and keeping up with the latest programming knowledge will increase your market value tremendously.



The population of elderly people in Australia is projected to continue to grow by 3% from 2017 – 2027. With more old people, there’ll also come an influx in demand for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to serve them. 

Healthcare, too, continues to ride a booming tide with an expected 14.2% projected employment growth according to the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment (DESE) in Australia between the period 2020 to 2025. With more people also getting infections from the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak, the demand for good healthcare personnel will continue to situate itself as a fundamentally sound career path for any Australian professional.


Renewable Energy and Environment

Sustainability and climate action movements are starting to gain much-needed attention from international communities. Its impact continues to influence droves of young people to fight for a liveable future – and the impact is no different in Australia. 

With 10 billion hectares of land ravaged by fire in the last two years, there’s a pressing need for more people to come up with solutions and initiatives. Many seek to resolve the damage that left a stinging reminder of the scarcity of the highly endemic Australian wildlife. 

Aside from environmentally-driven reasons, energy itself plays an important role in the Australian economy. The process seeks to follow through a process of using large proportions of land and further converting these resources into large energy-generating plants. These plants affect our electricity and food supplies, so it’s an incredibly important role in the whole economic process.


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