Many kids prefer playing outdoors. Aside from enjoyment, they may gain many other benefits, such as better exercise, improved social skills, and fresh air. However, because of the pandemic, children, including the extroverts, were left without a choice but to stay indoors.

Staying indoors for a long time may have caused your children to experience extreme boredom, anxiety, and decreased physical activity. Thus, identifying ways to entertain them inside your home may help in easing and addressing such issues. These might include the following:

Play Board Games

Playing board games is a standard way of entertaining both kids and adults. Board games, such as monopoly, snakes and ladders, scrabble, and twister, may help in increasing brain functions as they require kids to think and solve mental problems. These mind games need the kids to plan out strategies and outsmart their opponents.

Furthermore, such activities may reduce stress, especially in these uncertain times, as brought forth by the pandemic. More so, playing board games may improve the bonding between the parents and the kids.


Play Musical Instruments 

Music absolutely entertains a vast number of people, including children. By playing or learning to play musical instruments, your kids may find a way to enjoy their stay at home. Some musical instruments they may easily learn to play are the ukulele, guitar, piano, and drums. Most people are able to do so within three to six months.  

Many children learn to play musical instruments quickly by watching video tutorials found on the Internet. There are age-appropriate tutorials that can teach them to play simple songs, like ‘The ABC Song’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.’ 


Watch TV 

Most people assume that watching television may be a great source of entertainment for kids. TV programs have various shows that may educate, entertain, or both. Also, many television programs provide the type of education that may substitute real-life learning. Such programs expose your children to different learning scenarios by simulating real-life problems that require your kids to add, multiply, socialize, and express their opinions, among others. This way, television still allows learning even if the pandemic, rainy season, or hot summer limits the kids to staying indoors.  

One excellent way of choosing children-friendly TV programs is by using a Perth TV guide and the like. They can provide you with a complete program and channel listing to help you find suitable shows that could educate and entertain your kids without leaving your house. Such shows can be excellent avenues for your children to learn different skills in writing, mathematics, painting, and many more.

5 Fun Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained Indoors

Read Books

Reading books remains to be one of the go-to fun activities at home, not because traditional storytelling puts children to sleep, but because most children learn through reading. Pop-up and picture books may fit your kids aged four years and below, while picture books with a few texts may be ideal for five to seven-year-olds. Reading materials with more text are suitable for your children aged eight years and above.   

Moreover, some parents believe that reading is a way to develop kids’ empathy for people, reduce stress, and fight depression. Reading may also contribute to children’s brain development, especially if they continue to read daily. It may also be a good entry point to new hobbies, such as cooking and photography.


Play Indoor Games

Games, games, games—who doesn’t want to play games?  For kids who are always looking for long-term enjoyment, playing indoor games is an excellent way to break their boredom, as well as engage their muscles and bones. With these indoor games, even a limited space can be an appropriate place for sports and entertainment.

Some of the most common indoor games that your kids may enjoy are the tippy tower, pom-pom curling, hard to chews, indoor bowling, and indoor obstacle course. These will enable your children to do the physical activities they definitely miss because of staying indoors. Just be sure that you look after them as they may get too rowdy for a limited space. 


Wrapping It Up

Staying indoors will still happen even if the pandemic has come to a full stop. There’ll still be rainy seasons and scorching summers that will keep your kids inside your house. Hence, it’s wise for parents like you to know some activities that will keep your kids busy and entertained throughout their boredom-prone stay at your home. Above all, you only want your children to be safe and happy even if the situation calls for them not to go out of the house.


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