Sydney is one of the world’s most iconic cities – a spectacular, vibrant metropolis spread out around an incredible natural harbour. Its beaches are world-famous, of course, with Bondi one of many stunning stretches of sand along the New South Wales coastline.

Sydney has the wow factor – and it knows it! But how do you ensure that your family break to this wonderful city is as stress-free as possible? Well, here are three key tips to help you along the way

1 Plan, plan, and plan some more …

Sometimes the most stressful part of your holiday can come well before you even begin the journey. The planning stage, the research, the packing and the confirmations often come with plenty of stress of their own. But, if you get this part right, you will find there is far less stress once you get to Sydney.

So, where do you start? Well, our first tip is to involve all of the family from the very start. Listen to them and ask what they would like to see and do on the holiday. That way the children will have things to look forward to, they’ll feel more engaged, and they’ll enjoy themselves far more once they get there. And less moaning when you get to Sydney means less stress for you.

Next: decide your itinerary, make your bookings and get your paperwork together. Organising the right travel insurance for a family trip is essential – and it’s especially important if you’re pregnant at the time of the holiday!

Finally, you should temper your expectations. If they get too high, the trip can often fail to live up to that dream and may underwhelm. But also temper your expectations of how much you can do in one day. The last thing you want to do is feel like you are dragging the kids around the city when they just want to have a rest. So be realistic. But above all, plan.

2. Hire a car

When you are travelling on your own, it is easy to jump on public transport and avoid the stress of driving and traffic. But when it comes to bringing along a big family, public transport is not the way to go. Dragging a mountain of luggage onto buses or trains is a recipe for a hot, sweaty, unhappy family. So, do the smart thing and hire a car when you arrive. The kids will thank you for it and you will have somewhere for all that luggage. It may also save you money in the end, too. Australia isn’t cheap – ranking first globally for visitor spend per trip.

3. Activities for everyone

When you’re doing your planning make sure you find a range of activities to suit all of the members of your family. It is the best way to ensure everyone has their moment in the sun and this, in turn, should keep everyone happy. Sydney has some magnificent attractions; from the Australia Museum to the Royal Botanic Gardens. The children will love the frankly wonderful Darling Harbour Playground, while the adults must do the excellent Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.


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